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The computer was thinking that its pupil had done well, even with theadvantages of his heritage and training. Kranath considered himselfrather ordinary for a Cor'naya, and would have been surprised to learnthat Godhome's opinion was far different: his generation was a key oneby the reckoning of those who went before, and he was one of severalexceptional males who had been born as predicted, then subtly guided byGodhome into developing their full potential without losing theessential values of the Traiti race and culture. Of those, Kranath waseasily the best, as shown by his ability to accept facts that werefantastic to him, and then to reason from them. It was a promisingsign, Godhome thought, though it was not a guarantee that Kranath wouldjoin it. Godhome would use everything its creators hadn't forbidden toinfluence him to accept, but the decision had to be made freely.

As well, last night while checking to see if the new firmware was released a bit early, I got the iTunes update and did it. Then, for no good reason, I went to the iT store and bought a few albums. Downloading them was an absolute nightmare - every other song resulted in an error and my mbp spinning its cpus for many minutes at a time.

you know I was frustrated at first....downloaded the 2.0 successfully around 10:30 am est but the connection was terminated 2/3's of the way through the upgrade of the phone itself....after about an 1 hr and 1/2 of traffic jam angst....i settled down and attemped to reconnect with itunes about every 15 brick turned back into a phone around 3:15 pm (upgraded of course) whats a coupla' hours without a lifeline....the landline on my work desk still worked if I needed to chat...everything is up and running with a bunch of free app's from the itunes store and tomorrow it'll be like this never happened!!! 1e1e36bf2d


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