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Plastic barrels will keep your goods secure for long periods of time without breaking down. If you need to keep items in your warehouse or storage shed for months or even years on end, such as drinking water or cleaning products, plastic barrels will get the job done.

Before you purchase your first used plastic barrel, make sure plastic is the right choice for your products. Metal barrels are great for oil and other hazardous materials, including flammable items. Fiberboard drums can be used for consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, glue and paint. Plastic is better suited for liquids and some dry goods. Open head drums are best for liquids, while tight head drums are better for solid goods.

For starters, we work together. Greif and the colleagues who make the company stand out as leaders in plastic packaging containers work with every customer to deliver the best solution for their needs. A collaborative process finds the best outcomes for you and, of course, your customers and end-users.

Why you should consider our plastic drums like plastic 30 gallon drums, 55 gallon plastic drums, 55 gallon plastic barrels and other plastic barrels:

And the good thing is, there are so many DIY projects you can do with used 55-gallon drums, including growing vegetables, burning sensitive documents, and making a cheap BBQ grill or drum smoker. Creating creative ways to use plastic and metal barrels is also a great way to reduce landfill waste by upcycling stuff.

The mobile C2C sites have a section for free stuff local listings where people list unwanted things. On the other hand, you can also post an ad offering to dispose of extra barrels with free pick up.

Other top places to get free plastic and metal 55-gallon drums nearby include drink manufacturers, construction and insulation companies, car dealerships & auto shops, car washes, homebrew supply stores, industrial waste collection companies, newspaper ads, and paint companies. Also, a cheap place to find drums is at a nearby scrap yard and junkyard business.

Construction companies also tend to buy things like spray-on insulation and paints that come in large 55-gallon barrels. Once the drums are emptied, the companies rarely have any further use for them.

A car dealership or auto shop is one of the best places to get a 55-gallon diesel drum or a used 55-gallon steel drum. Car-based liquids are usually delivered in large barrels to auto dealerships and auto repair shops. Car dealers with maintenance departments are even more likely to have extra drums.

Car washes are common places to get free 55-gallon plastic drums near me. They usually receive soap deliveries in large plastic barrels. You can drive around and ask nearby car washes. But your best bet is going to your regular gas station with vacuums and a car wash.

Whether you want a metal or plastic drum, industrial waste collection companies are great places to check. Manufacturing industries usually receive a lot of chemicals and other materials delivered in large 55-gallon drums. These are collected and safely disposed of by industrial waste collection companies.

Paint companies are also common places to find free used 55-gallon drums. They usually have their paint and primer shipped in large barrels to help reduce shipping costs. Once emptied, they are either tossed in landfills or disposed of at cheap prices.

That makes eBay a great place to buy new and used 55-gallon drums. You can also buy a cheap steel drum for burning stuff from the comfort of your home. The online marketplace has plastic and metal drums, ranging from $10 to $250 depending on the seller, material, condition, and shipping costs.

Types of Drums: New, used, metal, plastic Plastic Drum Cost: $60 or morePolyurethane Drum Cost: $100 or moreMetal Drum Cost: $60 or more

Types of Drums: New carbon steel open head or closed head, salvage transport overpack, open head plastic lid, stainless steel without lid, plastic open head with bung cover, and a yellow plastic open h


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