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Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell

Cool Things To Buy Under 200 Dollars __EXCLUSIVE__

I came across this cool looking tree lamp while I was at CES2020. In fact, the lamp immediately caught my attention with its sleek design and amazing aesthetics. Upon closer hands-on inspection, I came to know that the lamp isn't an ordinary bedsite light but features a ton of cool things. Ampulla lamp features a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless charger along with its light.This tree of light lamp features a compact design structure, a Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charger, and of course the lamp. The entire assembly is in light of tree design which is... [More info]

cool things to buy under 200 dollars

With features like 2-way communication, treat tossing, and night vision, this pet camera can be one of those cool things to buy with 200 dollars, if you have not bought anything fancy for the dog of the house lately.

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Sure, you have things like the Rolex Turn-O-Graph made for the Thunderbirds or the IWC Blue Angels Chronograph with insignias on the dial, and you even have small schematics of airplanes with some of the Bremont Military models, but I'm not sure there's another watch that puts the airplane more front-and-center on the dial than this special-edition Komandirskie made to honor the SU-35 Russian fighter jet. The SU-35 is a hell of a plane, and it can give anything in the US Air Force's inventory a run for its money, and it costs far less to operate. Sounds a lot like Vostok, too. You have to respect both. Normally I'd pick a Seiko diver for around $100 but the days when Seikos were priced like that are getting smaller in the rearview, so I figured I might as well have some fun and pick something truly out of the ordinary. I initially set out to find something from Japan, but I ended up with something Russian instead.

The MERGE Cube is one of our favorite STEM gifts this year. It'll totally change the way your kids think, learn, and see the world. The cube itself acts as a green-screen type object that will turn into whatever you want when you use the app. Over 100 science and STEM lessons are available, making this not only a really cool gift, but one that will encourage their understanding of the world around them. 041b061a72


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