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Duh! Microsoft Did It Again

Remember not to close the window, which will immediately stop the Weblogic Admin Server. The status of the window will keep on updated against the activities happening at the server side. Once started, you can safely keep both node manager and Weblogic Admin Server CMD windows minimized.

Duh! Microsoft did it again

Now the OHS instance know about the deployments and once after restarted, you can try to start the forms based application through the OHS instance, rather than calling it against the default port (9001)

I created a test table - again, just playing around with 'em. Made a schema named "ledger" with a table named "heath" (yeah, I... sorry). Made it an append-only ledger table, verified it's true to form, update/delete blocked. Then half-suspecting what would happen, dropped it. Unsurprisingly it was renamed e.g. MSSQLDroppedLedgerTable_heath_ and I cannot get rid of it (not supposed to, I know). The PK and auto-created view were both renamed along with the table, with similar "MSSQLDropped..." prefixes - good. But a default constraint on it was not; it was and still is just "df_heath_datetime". This is looking in sys.objects for anything named "%heath%" ... I see the table, the view, and the PK, all renamed, but the default constraint was not.

I also can't move it to another schema, though whether that's by design or not, it's acceptable either way far as I'm concerned; would be nice, but I can see the arguments against it, too. But that it doesn't rename all constraints - that has to be a bug/oversight. Minor one, and like I said for my purposes it's inconsequential - why I'm posting this here instead of opening an actual ticket. But someone's bound to eventually. I can't imagine it's "by design" since it IS renaming the PK.

No matter what I do my computer keeps trying to use US English. I am a professional. This makes me look so stupid if I use US English in a document. I have been driven to distraction trying to remove it. I simply want US English removed from my computer so it can never turn up again. How do I do this please? I want it gone. Never to show up again.

My interpretation for this is that she is already known to the speaker as a talkative person, but since she claims to want a conversation, the speaker gave her another chance, but again, all she does is talk not listen. Duh! The speaker should have known. It should not be a surprise to the speaker.

If you program for undecisive people, what you could do is display a default choice users may change. And also again, you have the valid event to force users to not leave the combobox until choosing something. But I can tell you users don't like to be forced. Forcing users through the single values you need is often described as guidance, but it's removing them from their part to think about a process. They might give you a reason why your guidance is wrong, maybe just in years. Put an overall validation on the form level, eg in a save button. Display all things missing instead of putting focus to the first element with an error, so people new to a software get an overview of what they didn't intuitively understood.

Rich Toohey has contributed to this column more than once -- and there is a reason. Aside from his rich history in loyalty when he served as the VP of Marriott Rewards for the (duh) Marriott hotel chain, and his current status as the President of Resolvere Insights LLC, he is an Expert with a capital "E" in customer experience strategies which, of course, if properly done lead to advocates and loyal customers. Each time he writes, there is a new set of insights that businesses can take to the bank. So, here we go again.

I signed in to our HSA account on the firm's website, but the transaction would not complete. 'System error; try again later' was the response on four separate occasions. Plan B: a call to customer service. After explaining my problem, the rep told me the error was likely due to an issue with the internet browser being used. I agreed to attempt the same transfer transaction on another laptop using a different browser. Same 'system error; try again later' result. The rep then shifted to the blame game saying, "I think it was probably user error." Suffice to say that her 'pour gasoline on fire' approach did not help the situation. After some back and forth, she finally 'fessed up' that she didn't want to bother their Tech Support team until all options the user (me) could do were exhausted; believe me, I now was exhausted ... with this process!

What I love most about research is exploring the unknown, so the first thing I did was explore the file system to see what juicy stuff I might find. I started a reverse shell from my automation script, making the work against the server much smoother.

The theme was again revised for Halo 3, arranged into the track One Final Effort, this time recorded with a live orchestra instead of synthesized strings with the grand piano as its main instrument. The version used in Halo 3 finishes with the ending used at the end of The Maw, as opposed to the reprise of the opening chant used in the original theme and the MJOLNIR Mix. Occasionally, 343 Guilty Spark can be heard humming it with the IWHBYD skull activated in campaign.

Out of ideas come the next mid-March, we went with the ever-popular busy season problems, as you all seem to love ranking your individual misery against that of your colleagues and fellow GC readers. As expected, that was a big hit, although probably not the best idea for your collective mental health.

Now check for issue resolution. This should do the trick for you. If it does not, then reset the Mac printing system again and then download the printer from the Apple website link: using Apple Software update.

For now, I feel moderately confident that I've completed the purge, the culling and the exorcism.This would be a third or fourth round of tweaks, it seems. Now, hopefully, I shall never again have tocontend with useless, unproductive stuff, and be able to focus on real work, and getting things done,as I used to be able to, once upon a time, in the golden days of the Windows desktop. Me out.

Rob Collie (00:25:52): And so I had some of my own brain teas that I asked people that I'm pretty sure weren't on these websites. But over time I'd started to get the impression that maybe these weren't the best gauge of whether someone could actually do the job. I'd started to ask a different question that I had seen some other people asking and I really like this other style, but again, there were still so many people and very influential people sometimes, not always but sometimes, that were still doing the brain teaser style. And so I had flipped a coin on this interview loop and I had gone with a brain teaser question. And so I walk into your office, I'm prepared to tell you about this person's performance on the brain teaser. I didn't know what I was about to walk into, which was, I started to explain the brain teaser question. It was very clear, you made it pretty clear that first of all, you didn't really think this was a good judge of whether this person could do the job.

Rob Collie (00:37:38): Storyteller is honestly that's how I was raised, both of my grandfathers were slash are consummate storytellers, those formative years, I grew up with that. Here's a movie quote for you, and get shorty John Travolta's character goes out to LA, he's a mafia soldier. A little bit later in the movies, like he tell someone I'm in the movie business now. And they're like, "You've been here five minutes, you've been a mobster your whole life." He goes, "Yeah, but I was never that into it." And that's kind of how I feel in some ways about my software career. I was struggling, dog paddling a bit for those first gosh, like five years at Microsoft, which is kind of when you and I intersected. I had no idea what my place was, again, I wasn't really into it. I kind of knew that I wasn't really into it, and I was trying to fake it all the time. I learned a whole new way of looking at the world and way of looking at the job, by working with you.

Rob Collie (00:40:03): I'm sitting here realizing yet again, first of all, how fortunate I was into crossing paths with you, but also like kind of like everyone deserves this fair shake. Looking back at our interactions before we worked together, I look back and go, "Really?" You had plenty of data on me, things that I look back on and go, oh man, those are not smart things that I was doing. It's very clear to me, I wasn't demonstrating the kind of excellence that I wish I was. But for you to see through that and go, ah, look at the raw material there. I don't think most people can do that, I don't think most people are capable of separating those two things. You've got all of this surface level signal that sort of dominates the field, it dominates the field of vision. I'm positive people were referring to me as a bozo, like behind the scenes, and you saw something different and we're patient and helped me develop. That is not management, that's leadership, that's development.

Dave Gainer (00:41:42): Well, so it goes back, like again, what is our job as leaders? We're given this pool of assets that in the case of software, as some combination of existing brand and customers, but people. And so your job's to get the most out of those assets you can, for the benefit of the customer. I don't know this is something I was ever formally educated on, or again, if I have is lost in the missed the time. This is a discussion I have with a lot of people that work in our teams that are managers, which is, we're all individuals, we are trying to create an environment here where everybody can be their authentic selves at work. I think all it is, is saying like, boy, if I can meet Rob, where he is, as opposed to like asking Rob to snap, to my style and needs and personalities, A, we're going to do better in our communication interaction relationship. And Rob will feel like Rob can be Rob and that he's understood, and certainly a discussion I have with managers of my team from time to time.


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