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"Shameless" Simple Pleasures(2014)


"Shameless" Simple Pleasures(2014)

Another thing that got in the way of my enjoying academia was my deep guilt. It affected everything. I felt horrible being part of an institution which seemed unjust in so many ways, some regarding diversity and also the jobs situation. Some picture of the relation of asceticism to profundity made me unable to appreciate and relax into the luck I had as an academic, making me mentally disown my achievements. It was all so tortured, no wonder Wittgenstein was my favorite. I am grateful for leaving academia because it took that for me to find the simple pleasures of thinking without the drama. When a passing thought occurs of how I would be if I was a professor now, a goal I imagine is cultivating dialogue and intellectual community without guilt or guilting in any form. This is hard, and a philosophy classroom seems as good a place as any, and in some ways a great place, to tackle that challenge.Report

Students somehow believe that if they have the equations in front of them, or a bunch of facts to cheat from they will benefit during an exam. NOW, where exactly did they get that idea They got that idea by realizing that it sometimes works!! Why does it work It works when we in the professorate write exams that test simple facts or the ability to just plug in numbers, we make it easy to cheat. But, when we make exams that are more challenging, ones that required students to apply equations/facts to completely novel solutions, then this method of cheating would go extinct.

The metaphor for life is indeed a race (if not the Korean battlefield), and the simple criterion is: Come out ahead. There is little talk of pleasures savored -- like painting, cooking, and writing. One sees no childhood for the child -- scant time or space for the terrors and joys of self-definition, not to mention just plain play. Here is childhood as parents would live it, programmed to the minute, with a firm sense of "You'll-be-grateful-when-you're-my-age-dear." 59ce067264


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