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Everett Price

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If you order an item online and it is not of acceptable quality or does not match the description, you can return it to us by taking the item to your nearest Anaconda store. If you are unable to get to a store, please call customer care on 1300 558 990.

buy epirb online

Some national authorities require a completed registration application form to be submitted by letter or fax, others offer an online registration. For more information, visit the emergency beacon registration database IBRD at and also The addresses of the national authorities are listed on these sites.

Activate a beacon in a life threatening situation to assist rescue teams in locating you. Note that in Australia, beacon registration is mandatory, and often can be done online at no additional cost. The first thing to look for is 48 hours of continuous operation after it has been activated. This is a minimum number. You'll want to ensure it meets Australian Standards AS/NZS 4280.1 and AS/NZS 4280.2. Be sure to pick an EPIRB 406 that has GPS tracking. This means the alert can be detected within minutes, your location is detecting within 20 minutes, and the precision is within 120 metres. Compare this to non-GPS stats: your alert detected within minutes, your location detected within 90 minutes to five hours, and the precision within five kilometres.

Outage notice: Our phone and online services including payments, rego check, PDA bookings and changing your address will be offline Saturday 1 April, 1.30 pm to 7.30 pm. Subject to change without further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience. 041b061a72


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