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Skyrim English Voice Files (and Subtitles) [PORTABLE]

With this relatively small patch, a very interesting feature will be added to Dying light 2. The bottom line is that in this game there is no way to run Japanese voice acting in parallel with subtitles, and you only need to choose one thing, unfortunately, of course. However, this fact will be corrected now.Any fan of Asian culture or English will be able to take advantage of new advantages. In addition, for some, the impressions of the game will obviously become much better by themselves.Otherwise, everything is as usual.

Skyrim English Voice Files (and subtitles)

You ever wonder why Mirmulnir (the first dragon you kill at the Whiterun Watchtower) speaks to you in English and rather undragonlikely? "Dragonborn, No!!!" I always want to laugh at that line. Well, that was added by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch (no, I'm not kidding). This mod replaces the voice with silent voice files for those who find the added audio immersion breaking.

After a bit of TES5Edit checking, I can confirm that Mirmulnir's lines were defined in Skyrim.esm. Including the infamous "Dovakhin? No!!". (FormID 000BCF14 if you are curious). So yes, Mirmulnir really was going to say that line, but Bethesda forgot to pack the voice files (or record Mirmulnir's lines), so the USKP team had to get another VA to do them.

A user on the comments page for this mod claimed that Bethesda added in official voice acting for this - clearly not true, no voice files exist in Update.bsa, and the ones that I extracted from the Voice.bsa (latest official patch) were all generic dragon roars, as I've just proven.

There are quite a few examples of dragons speaking, both in Draconic and English, in the game. EG: Alduin resurrecting Sahloknir during A Blade In the Dark, nearly everything involving Paarthurnax... yes, stuff like that. Also, Mirmunlir's speech appearing even when subtitles implies that his dialog was meant to be uniquly voice, but something happened that prevented the final voice from appearing.

Really, this is "to each your own" - if the USKP voice for Mirmunlir distracts you, you can remove the voice files from the USKP and just have the roars (though you might be confused if you have subtitles on). For people who don't mind the voice, then I would leave it alone. To be honest, I was even fooled with the added Mirmunlir voice - I thought the whole thing was in the vanilla game to begin with.

The mod works by using the voice lines from official dubs of the game, without changing the language used in subtitles and other forms of text. The characters this mod affects are Jackie, Mama Welles and Padre, who now always speak Spanish, and Takemura, Wakako, Hanako and Yorinobu, who stick to Japanese.

Another feature of the mod is that you can play as a non-English speaking V, even if you yourself do not speak the language. The speech options and subtitles for the player character will still appear in English, but the spoken voice lines can be in Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, or Chinese. With characters now not blocked at all by a language barrier, it goes a long way to show why so many took to relying on implants as they do in Night City.

The Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster launched on Steam yesterday and word is it's a mostly solid port. One key issue that remains though is the inability to use Japanese voice acting with English subtitles, an option that wasn't available in the original release and one that many fans would love to try this time around. 076b4e4f54


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