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Cruz made these points so often on Friday night, it appears he was making a play for voters who think the Klingons are misunderstood. Of course, they are a direct response to the attacks Cruz has faced from fellow Senator Marco Rubio, who has shredded him as a foreign policy weakling for voting against budgets that boost defense spending.

The PNP's Task Force Usig (TFU), responsible for investigating and monitoring killings of media members, labor activists, and foreigners, received reports of eight new cases from January to August (using different criteria than the CHR's). The TFU filed or referred two cases to the prosecutor's office, five cases remained under investigation, and one case was filed in court. Of 185 cases monitored by the TFU since 2001, seven led to convictions, a further 105 were filed in court and prosecutor offices, 69 were cold cases, authorities closed one case due to the death of suspects in armed encounters, and three remained under investigation.

Police and the military routinely provided human rights training to their members, augmented by training from the CHR. The AFP used its revised Graduated Curricula on Human Rights/International Humanitarian Law for the Military to provide a uniform standard of training across service branches. The AFP adhered to the 2005 Presidential Memorandum Order Number 259, which requires incorporation of human rights and international humanitarian law into all AFP education and training courses. Moreover, successful completion of these courses is required for finishing basic training, induction, promotion, reassignment, and selection for foreign schooling opportunities.

On September 22, two Canadian tourists, a Norwegian resort manager, and a Filipina were kidnapped from Samal Island, a popular tourist area near Davao city. Three weeks after the kidnappings, the foreigners appeared in a video posted online that appeared to confirm the perpetrators were members of the ASG. In the video, the victims appealed to authorities to halt military assaults against the gunmen.

The constitution provides for freedom of internal movement, foreign travel, emigration, and repatriation, and the government generally respected these rights. The government cooperated with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other humanitarian organizations in providing protection and assistance to IDPs, refugees, returning refugees, asylum seekers, stateless persons, and other persons of concern.

Foreign Travel: Government limits on foreign travel were generally based on security or personal safety factors, such as when a citizen had a pending court case, or to discourage travel by vulnerable workers to countries where they would face personal security risks, including trafficking or other exploitation. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) was responsible for controlling departures for work abroad and required overseas workers to register and receive pre-departure screening, training, and certification before traveling. The government retained its employment travel ban on Burundi, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, and Uzbekistan. Only workers returning to previously held jobs could travel to Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, and Yemen. The government prohibited domestic workers from working in Palau.

Generally, the law does not provide for divorce, although legal annulments are possible and courts generally recognized foreign divorces if one of the parties was a foreigner. These options, however, are costly, complex, and not readily available to the poor. Muslims have the right to divorce under Muslim family law. Informal separation is common, but brings with it potential legal problems.

Child prostitution continued to be a serious problem, and the country remained a destination for child sex tourism by clients from the Philippines, U.S., Middle East, Europe, Australia, and other East Asian countries. The government continued to prosecute accused pedophiles and deport those who were foreigners. Of the 2,726 victims of child abuse to whom DSWD offices provided services as of September, the DSWD identified 74 as victims of sexual exploitation, including victims of cyber pornography. The NBI and the PNP worked closely with DOLE to target and close facilities suspected of prostituting minors.

Law and regulations provide for the right to organize and bargain collectively in both the private sector and corporations owned or controlled by the government. The law prohibits organizing by foreign-national workers or migrant workers, unless a reciprocity agreement exists between the countries specifying that migrant workers from the Philippines are permitted to organize unions. The scope of collective bargaining in the public sector is limited to a list of terms and conditions of employment negotiable between management and public employees. Items requiring appropriation of funds, including health-care and retirement benefits, and those that involved the exercise of management prerogatives, including appointment, promotion, compensation, and disciplinary action, are nonnegotiable.

Some employers reportedly chose to employ workers who could not legally organize, such as short-term contract and foreign-national workers, as a means of minimizing unionization and avoiding other rights accorded to "regular" workers. The CTUHR contended that this practice led to a decline in the number of unions and workers covered by collective bargaining agreements. Employers also often abused contractual labor provisions by rehiring employees shortly after expiration of the previous contract. For example, in June the DOLE regional office in the Southern Tagalog region ordered a company in Laguna Province to regularize 103 contractual workers who had filed petition for regularization, claiming to have performed jobs directly related to the business for more than 10 years.

The law provides for a comprehensive set of occupational safety and health standards. In March, the government revised regulations for small-scale mining to prohibit certain harmful mining practices, including the use of mercury and underwater, or compressor, mining. The law provides for the right of workers to remove themselves from situations that endangered health or safety without jeopardy to their employment. Most labor laws apply to foreign workers, who must obtain work permits and may not engage in certain occupations.

We expect continuity in the key pillars of Chinese foreign and defense policy. The government will keep calling for a new style of great power relations with the US; it will maintain support for North Korea as Beijing urges Pyongyang to embrace economic reform and calls on all nations to avoid upsetting regional peace and stability; it will keep pushing Chinese claims in territorial disputes. Domestically, however, the rhetoric suggests that the government is going to take a harder line against corruption, which is endemic in China and probably the most dangerous threat to continued CCP rule. Whether the party can genuinely afford to clean house, or whether it will kill a few chickens to scare the monkeys, is still unclear. 041b061a72


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