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23 : Let It Flow! School Festival!

Gentle turns himself in to U.A., claiming that La Brava was brainwashed into following him. Ectoplasm accompanies Midoriya to retrieve his things and to return to U.A., where he makes it to 1-A's performance in the nick of time. Class 1-A's song-and-dance is a huge hit that hypes up the crowd and manages to make Eri smile. After the performance the students receive compliments from their schoolmates, even from their previous detractors. They then go on to enjoy the rest of the school festival.

23 : Let It Flow! School Festival!

  • A Day in the Limelight: The song goes over many of Jiro's personal feelings towards her hero career, with multiple flashbacks to her motivation to become a hero.

  • At Least I Admit It: Following their arrest, Gentle admits that what he was doing was wrong, but does not make excuses to what led to him becoming a villain. La Brava, meanwhile, admits that everything she does, good or bad, was for the sake of Gentle.

  • Brick Joke: "School Festival" had Mirio describe the potential deliciousness of a candy apple to Eri at the hospital. By the end of this episode, and takes her first bite thanks to Midoriya and happily declares it's as tasty as described.

  • Five-Man Band Concert: Class A couples a variation of this trope with Dancing Theme. Izuku, The Leader and main character, is not part of the band but one of the dancers. Instead, it's The Lancer who is part of the band because he turns out to be a talented drummer. The band itself is comprised of Jiro (voice and electric bass), Momo (keyboard), Bakugo (drums), and Tokoyami and Kaminari (guitars). They all play "Hero Too" as their School Festival class presentation.

  • Insert Song: "Hero Too", the song Jiro and the class perform at the School Festival.

  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Class 1-B's play ends with a revelation that Monoma's character is the son of Tetsutetsu's character, which this time really was ripped from Star Wars along with other pieces of media they tried to combine.

  • Motor Mouth: Eri adorably recaps her reactions to the performance to Deku - finally acting like an actual child of her age would - with Deku tearing up in happiness at her joy.

  • My Greatest Second Chance: A cop offers this to Gentle Criminal during the stinger. It moves him to tears.

  • Narm Charm: One of the In-Universe reactions to Class 1-B's play is that it was so dramatic it ended up funny.

  • Shout-Out: Class 1-B's play contains so many of these in such a short scene that it's hard to list them: The main characters are apparently named Romeo and Juliet.

  • Monoma's character refers to Tetsutetsu's character as the "Ghost of Azkaban."

  • Tetsutetsu's character claims that Gandalf told Monoma's character that his father was King of Gondor.

  • Finally, Tetsutetsu's character claims that he is his father, ripped straight out of Star Wars.

  • Simple, yet Awesome: In the past, Nejire had trailed behind a super flashy student, twice in the beauty pageant section of the festival, because she was too focused on trying to outshine her. She was able to win this time because she used her Quirk in a simple yet elegant manner.

  • So Bad, It's Good: The in-universe reaction Class 1-B's play, which was over-the-top dramatic and aped on various Western media.

  • Three-Point Landing: The choreography for 1-A's performance involves a lot of jumping in the air and landing on one knee and fist. They are students in a Superhero School.

  • Villainous Legacy: Overhaul's grip on Eri's mental state from his abuse is depicted as a shadowy creature engulfing her, only to be blown away by the band's performance which finally lets her smile.

  • When She Smiles: Eri breaks out into a huge open smile during the performance, finally free from Chisaki's shadow and culminating her Heal the Cutie arc. The sight of it makes Mirio cry with sheer joy. When she recaps the event to Midoriya of everything she saw, he too happily tears up.

Midoriya gets a few notes not to engage in villains when there are adults near by, to bring his phone whenever he goes somewhere, and to enjoy the goddamn school festival (after cleaning everything). Class 1-A gets validated by the other students that they were able to convey their feelings with their performance, and we see that this was the Plus Ultra Success the group wanted. Of course, Mineta is a bit more concerned with the Beauty Pageant. Nejire manages to cinch the victory with a pretty graceful display of her quirk.

So much I want to say about this. I've seen this video like 20 times since the subbed version was released. FIrst time I watched this, hit me in the feels so hard, and the tears of joys were flowing. The moments of this from watching 1A dance, sing, and play after weeks of rehearsal, more Jiro backstory and her family, Mineta finally getting a harem without anyone bashing his face, and most importantly Eri smiling for the first time, all of that cultivated in such a feel session that I would say is worthy of "Anime Moment of the Year".

Other than that, the festival was a success. Everyone looked as if they had a blast. I know School festivals are a staple arc, but with the added powers and creativity from UA, I would love to spend one day there. Protec Eri's smile until the end of time.

My Hero Academia season 4 ep 23 is on Toonami. Deku has won his fight against Gentle criminal but now he must make it back to the festival hopefully in time to make Eri smile. Will the show do what class 1-A hopes? We will see on Toonami.

After much build up throughout the second half of the season, the U.A School Festival is finally here on My Hero Academia. To be very frank, we were certain that some villain would make a random surprise entry and spoil the festival for which the students had worked so hard. After all, the fourth season of My Hero Academia has been dark, to say the least.

By the time everything is sorted out with Gentle, the school festival is about to start and Midoriya has to rush back to the shop and collect his bag which he left there when the fight began. Thankfully, he is able to make it back in time.

The rest of the episode is dedicated to the school festival which the students and the franchise of My Hero Academia invested so much on. The whole arc was dedicated to building up the hype for this episode and we, like the spectators in the festival, were skeptical about why a school festival needed to be hyped so much. But the efforts seemed to have paid off in earnest as the performance of Class 1-A really caught the eye.

Back at Heights Alliance at night, the students, with the exception of the interns and Katsuki Bakugo, continue to discuss what to do for the festival. Tenya believes that Class 1-A should do a program where everyone can blow off steam. His classmates agree but still do not find the right option. Mina had suggested a dance, to which Shoto Todoroki unexpectedly agrees and goes on to say that relieving stress where everyone can have fun is a great idea, which he got from the Provisional Hero License training. Everyone seems to agree, but Hanta Sero still has doubts about the idea of dancing. Mina offers to teach her classmates how to dance. Then, Minoru Mineta suggests that dancing requires music. Toru Hagakure immediately suggests that Kyoka perform live with her instruments.

Kyoka, however, believes that music has nothing to do with heroism and is simply just a hobby. Denki then realizes this was the reason for her reluctance back in class, she was keeping the two ideas separate. But he then praises her skill with her numerous instruments, and Koji Koda believes that playing music can help put smiles on people's faces. Encouraged by her peers, Kyoka finally agrees to help Class 1-A with music. With that, Class 1-A settles on making their school festival program a live song and dance performance.[1]

However, Gentle is not disparaged about their popularity because his new project will surpass even theirs and place him in the limelight. His next project which involves U.A. High School's Festival. As the school was fortified after being attacked and is the current symbol of the Heroes, Gentle believes that if he invades the festival, then he will become the center of attention.[2]

In U.A's school grounds forest sector, Toshinori asks Izuku to activate his Full Cowl at 20%, and then, remaining in position, unleash an attack. Izuku obeys and, fighting through the pain, he jumps up and kicks, which releases wind pressure that shakes the trees. After this demonstration, All Might explains that Izuku is reaching a new level of power: being able to release wind pressure without breaking his body. He had been intending to teach the technique when Izuku reached an overall level of 15 percent but decided to do it now to address his pressing need.

One Saturday, while Class 1-A practice their various functions for the festival, they are visited by Shota, Mirio and Eri. Izuku, Ochaco, and Tsuyu Asui are glad to see Eri again, and the rest of the class are happy to finally get to see her. Shota informs them that principal Nezu has given permission for Eri to attend the festival and had suggested Eri make a visit to U.A. beforehand to familiarize herself. Mirio states that he is showing Eri around U.A. and invites Izuku to join them. He accepts.

Mirio and Izuku give Eri a tour of the school, where she meets other students and sees how they work hard for the School Festival. For example, students in Class 1-B plan to carry out a fantasy play at the festival. Nejire Hado intends to participate in the beauty pageant, where she will compete against other students such as Itsuka Kendo and Bibimi Kenranzaki. In U.A.'s Development Studio, Mei Hatsume is working hard building a giant combat suit as the School Festival offers a greater opportunity to put her work on display.

The three continue with the tour until they decide to go to the Lunch Rush Cafeteria. Mirio and Izuku ask Eri her opinion and she comments on everyone doing their best and she wishes to see how their hard work will turn out in the School Festival. Izuku and Mirio are happy that Eri is feeling excited. In the cafeteria they meet Nezu, who is also eager for the festival, and Midnight, who explains that the commissioner wanted to cancel the festival due the increase of criminal activity, but Nezu managed to convince him otherwise after assuring him that they have reinforced security and agreed to suspend all activities if alarms sound, even if it is a false alarm. 041b061a72


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