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Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell

Padus DiscJuggler NET V6.0.0.1400 64 Bit

If you select "Create: DiscJuggler Disc Image" from the left side of the menu, then the program will attempt to open the file you selected to determine what type it is, then the program will burn the disc image to the disc you selected in the left side of the menu. If you have a BD-R disc, you need to insert it into the drive at the beginning to allow it to burn. This is not recommended with standard DVD and CD discs.

Padus DiscJuggler NET v6.0.0.1400 64 bit

On selecting the "Burn Disc" option, this creates a disc image in the program. If you go to "Program Files\Padus DiscJuggler\7.1.7\MiniCD.iso", then you will see the program has created a disc image file and named it MiniCD.iso.

The latest version of DiscJuggler will be more than three years old, its therefore highly recommended that you download the latest version. If you download the trial version, then youll be able to try out disc burning for free. If youre new to disc burning you should download the latest version and try that first. On the other hand, if youre confident about burning discs with discs, then you should probably download the latest version.

All of the settings that you have in the Burning Settings screen with DiscJuggler are explained in great detail in the help files. If youre not sure about the settings, you can always go back to one of the former settings and try a different setting, perhaps the one that produced a better result the first time. The settings that you use will make the most difference, so its worth having a look at them before burning your games.


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