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New Book Review Coming Soon AndyStanley NEW!

New Book Review Coming Soon AndyStanley -

Bob Wilkin is Executive Director of Grace Evangelical Society. He lives in Highland Village, TX, with his wife of 44 years, Sharon. His book Faith Alone in One Hundred Verses is forthcoming.

A while back I noticed a long-time Christian reading Andy Stanley's The Grace of God. I was excitedly told that it was a wonderful book that taught so much. This, coming from a 45+ year Christian intrigued me, as I knew of Andy Stanley and his not-so-subtle assault on true Christianity and the Bible. Having not dug too deeply into Andy's past, I decided to give the book a go, in light of the raving review.

First, the book is copyrighted in 2010, so it was probably written at least 13 years prior to the time of this review. When I decided to read it, I wondered if the Andy Stanley of more than a decade ago was a different preacher than the Andy Stanley of 2022. The Andy Stanley of 2022 is by no means a "Christian" I would recommend to anyone. His Jesus seems to be a Jesus of his own imagination, who, in order to exist, needs to be detached from much of the Bible.

But I digress. There are plenty of exposés of Andy Stanley... let's review the book. I will work through the book from beginning to end, pointing out some of the locations where I noticed issues, and occasional good points.

A Review of Andy Stanley and The Grace of God A review of Andy Stanley's book, The Grace of God. The book has a positive message but it is laced with Stanley's subtle insult to the importance and truth of God's Word. (Aug 12, 2022) 153554b96e


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