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Bloodfist 2050 - Martial Arts

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Alex Danko descends into the ultra-violent underworld of extreme martial-arts to find his brother's killer with the help of hardened Detective Ramirez and his brother's alluring ex-lover in this post-apocalyptic allegory of greed and revenge set in in 2050 Los Angeles.

i'm not gonna lie.... in BLOODFIST 2050's first 10 minutes i thought it might be the best movie ever made. It starts with a mad max style car chase through a desert and immediately cuts to the glorious future LA where it appears the late 90s is the hot fashion trend and everyone is all about shitty martial arts arena fighting. after the glorious opening, the movie shows it's true colors as a piece of shit. the action is dull, there's soft core porn moments and the whole thing becomes total torture to watch. i think i was just excited by that beautiful poster art and the empty promise a movie with a title like BLOODFIST 2050. one star for the first ten minutes.

Bloodfist is a 1989 American martial arts action film directed by Terence H. Winkless, written by Robert King, and starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Wilson plays a dojo sensei in California who travels to Manila to avenge his professional kickboxer brother, who was murdered after a fight. It has become a cult film.[3]

Alex Danko descends into the ultra-violent underworld of extreme martial-arts to find his brother's killer with the help of hardened Detective Ramirez and his brother's alluring ex-lover in this post-apocalyptic allegory of greed and revenge set in in 2050 Los Angeles.(Source: IMDb) Edit Translation

Remakes have become a dime a dozen as of late. Hollywood has been remaking classics for years and some are as good as their predecessors, but a majority of them tend to be lesser received than their originals. While there have been remakes in the horror genre over the years as well as attempts at comedy, one such genre that has had its share of remakes is the martial arts film genre. In the case of the legendary Roger Corman, one such film has received remakes and versions over the course of just a year or two for some of its installments.

The film in question Bloodfist, a tournament film about a man who learns martial arts to compete in a tournament to find out who killed his brother. This feature takes a look at the original film plus its four remakes, three released from 1993-1994 with its final remake released in 2005 as an attempt to launch new martial arts action stars.

The second remake would be a gender reversal version of the original, entitled Angelfist. The film would star Catya Sassoon, an actress who learned martial arts and had a chance to fight Don Wilson in Bloodfist IV: Die Trying and Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero, the latter released after this film. Sassoon was the daughter of famed hairstylist Vidal Sassoon.

The Bloodfist series is a series of low-budget martial arts action movies tenuously linked by sharing a lead actor of Don "The Dragon" Wilson Bloodfist I - Jake Raye, retired kickboxer, is forced to fight in the Red Fist Tournament. Bloodfist II - Jake Raye returns, forced to fight in an underground tournament on the privately owned island of Paradise. Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight - Jimmy Boland is a prion inmate who gets embroiled in a feud between white supremacist inmates and corrupt jailers. Bloodfist IV: Die Trying - Danny Holt unwittingly repossesses the car of a crime lord and has his family and business wiped out in return and seeks revenge. Bloodfist V: Human Target - Jim Stanton has amnesia and doesn't know who to trust or where to turn even as he finds that he's wanted by the Chinese triads for a plot involving "lost" plutonium missile cores. Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero - Nick Corrigan is an Air Force courier who happens to arrive during a terrorist attempt to seize US missile silos. Bloodfist VII: Manhunt - Jim Trudell is suspected of having killed a cop, and must clear his name with the police before they catch up with him. Bloodfist VIII: Trained to Kill - Rick Cowan is a suburban high school teacher whose prior life as a CIA agent catches up with him must fight his former enemies to save his life and that of his son. Bloodfist 2050 - The only film that does not star Wilson, Matt Mullins plays Alex Danko who descends into the murky world of underworld tournaments to find his brother's killer in a rehash of Bloodfist I.

Bloodfist I Brick Break: Black Rose, a participant in the Red Fist tournament, is introduced fighting (and winning) against a sparring opponent, and follows it by breaking several bricks. Clothing Damage: Before being struck fatally, Mike managed to rip a piece from his assailant's martial arts uniform, which provides a vital clue for Jake. Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Jake kills Kwong by kicking him into a spiked fence. The Reveal: Kwan, Jake's mentor, turns out to be the instigator for the whole film's events, as it was he who killed Mike in act of revenge for his own brother's death. Shout-Out: Jake says "It's Chinatown, Jake" to himself after beating up some punks and noticing a police station right next to the scene.

He was featured in the Discovery Channel mini series Extreme Martial Arts alongside Mike Chat. As of 2006, Matt Mullins holds a 4th degree Black belt in the style Shōrei-ryū and studies under martial arts instructor John Sharkey at Sharkey's Karate Studio in Naperville, Illinois.[2] While an underbelt, he met Mike Chaturantabut and together they created a martial arts style which later became known as Extreme Martial Arts (XMA). Their style's growing popularity prompted the Discovery Channel to produce a documentary called XMA: Extreme Martial Arts. In this documentary, the producers covered the XMA style with modern technology such as motion-capture technology and 3-D imaging to show how a martial artist can use his body. As a side story, they focused on Matt Mullins' attempt to come back to the competition world of sport karate.[3] Matt also holds seminars and martial arts camps. The most predominant ones are the Winter and Summer Camps at Sharkey's Karate in Illinois. He also teaches an extreme martial arts class in California.

Matt Mullins is also the leader of Sideswipe, a martial arts based performance team which travel the country performing with their combination of martial arts moves, aerodynamics, and gymnastics. Sideswipe has appeared on such shows as The Jerry Lewis Telethon, The Wayne Brady Show, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as well as sporting events, live action shows and karate tournaments. Matt also has pursued an acting career. He has appeared in national commercials for Motorola, America Online, Applebee's, Nike, Hanes and Pepsi as well as a lead actor in several films including Kung Fu Love Triangle, Bloodfist 2050, and Adventures of Johnny Tao: Rock Around the Dragon. He had a lead role portraying the character Len/Kamen Rider Wing Knight on the in production TV show Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. He also helped Mike Moh get the role of Hunt/Danny Cho/Kamen Rider Axe in the same show through their shared martial arts training.[4]

Recently, he was a reporter for LX TV 1st Look television program introducing DJ Hapa, as well as Shinkendo martial arts. He starred as Johnny Cage in the Kevin Tancharoen directed short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth.[5] He reprised the role for the YouTube series based off Rebirth, Mortal Kombat: Legacy. His home videos were used for a fictional documentary of Johnny Cage.

Kickboxing is essentially a mixture of Muay Thai, Karate and Western Boxing, with influences from other types of martial arts. Types of Kickboxing have been around for many hundreds of years, but the more recognised modern form of Kickboxing is a relatively new martial art with the mixing of various martial arts to combine kicks and punches into a new system/sport.

It must be noted that due to the large variation of martial arts that can be mixed and used in various Kickboxing clubs, there maybe a noticeable difference in training styles and rules from one to the other, with some concentrating on self defence, some on the sporting side and others purely for physical fitness.

In a brutal future Los Angeles, where the streets run red with the blood of fallen fighters, street fighter Alex Danko (five time world martial arts champion Matt Mullins) searches desperately to find his brother's killer. To find the truth, Alex must enter the vicious world of "the pit," an arena where extreme, and often lethal, martial arts are a way of life.

Although produced by Concorde-New Horizons (who produced every previous Bloodfist film), this is the first entry to not star series lead Don Wilson. However, it does continue the tradition of casting a real life martial arts champion in the lead. 59ce067264

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