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abrasions. Documentation of this inspection should be made noting the presence and absence of unusual markings or abnormalities. Descriptions of the state of rigor and livor mortis as well as the body temperature of a subject helps a forensic medicine expert to estimate the time interval since death. Environmental assessment, including temperature, heating or cooling systems, moisture, and wind conditions must be made at a death scene so that the environmental influence on a decedent can be determined. The assessment should also include the types of clothing and jewelry. This information may be needed to assist in determinating the time a subject was last seen alive. Clothing should be appropriate for the weather and location found. If not, it needs to be explained. One should also determine if the clothing fits an individual. If a subject is decomposing, then clothing may appear too small due to body swelling. If the clothing is the incorrect size, one must determine why. Was the person wearing someone else's when death occurred? Or, was the decedent redressed by another person after death? Note the cleanliness of the clothing. A variance in the clothing or body cleanliness may indicate that he was handled by another individual after death (Dix et al., 1999). General uncleanliness such as lack of bathing, very dirty clothes, urine -or feces- stained clothes, long and dirty nails, and poor oral hygiene may be due to alcoholism, drug abuse, or a mental disorder (Wagner, 2009). Is the clothing worn properly? Are buttons fastened and zippers closed? It is common to find opened zippers in intoxicated males or some elderly persons living alone. If the clothing is inconsistent with normal dressing techniques, consider whether a subject had a disability contributing to this behavior. Jewelry should be carefully noted and reported as to its type, style, color and body location. All jewelry must be listed, regardless of its apparent value. Obvious "missing" jewelry should also be noted, such as only one pierced earring, or no wedding ring on a married individual. Currency and credit cards should be handled as valuable items. Currency should be counted in the presence of another and credit card details noted. If an investigator decides that these items may be given to the next-of-kin at the death scene, he must be certain that the relative has the legal right to such items. No analyses should be performed on a decedent's body at a scene, such as gunshot residue or fingerprinting, without the expressed consent of the forensic medicine expert responsible for the postmortem examination. Clothing should not be removed, a body should not be cleansed, and liquids or powders should not be placed on the deceased as these might interfere with radiographs or chemical testing. If more than one hour has elapsed since the initial body assessment and the decedent is still at the scene, a second assessment should be recorded. A thorough body visualization by a forensic medicine expert gives him/her the capability to differentiate between injuries noted at a scene and any bodily injuries sustained during conveyance to the morgue (Dix et al., 1999).

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The murderer killed his 36-year-old brother by strangulation and blunt head trauma. The victim was found on the floor in prone position near his bed. The belt buckle of the killer was found inside the hand of the victim (arrows) and this belt buckle helped in identifying the killer. Strangulations should be presumed to be homicidal unless proved otherwise. In order to determine the origin of ligature strangulation, it is necessary to perform a detailed investigation of death scene and examine the type of ligature on the neck of the victim carefully (McMaster et al., 2001; Verma & Lal, 2006).

As alyways, the God that created the universe, and the hydrogen that He used in the big bang, is using the public amplification of another fallen sinner to speak to His people. Paul Shepards sin is drawing from the shadows an umbelieviable amount of attention from athiests, homosexuals, & pagan witches. This is a chance to give you all fair warning. Repent of your sin and call on Jesus to save your soul from eternity in Hell seperated from God. The real Satan has emboldened you wicked people to throw stones, and cry hypocrite in the streets as if your own filthy sin isn't seen by Go because Paul Shepard decided to love sin like you do. Nor Cal is the most full of itself place on the planet, Does the clay question the hands that mold it? There is nothing new under the sun, & just because you question The existence of God in your hard rebellious hearts does not change the proven fact that you are Created in His very own image. He gave you freewill to choose because God is love, and He wanted relationship with His highest creation. He could make you love Him, but there would be no real relationship. Paul Shepard may be able to reach more of you now than ever before by showing himself to be as wicked as His generation. Selfishness, greed, lust, idolotry will be what this whole area is remembered for after the Lord comes back to kill all of those who are caught in their sin

Dear Enough Already,I am so sorry that Christians (all of whom you seem to lump together despite the many different viewpoints expressed) have let you down so dreadfully. There is definitely no simple definition of what it means to be a Christian, so our perspectives will definitely vary a bit. It's just not possible to easily explain such a vast concept. It's sort of like explaining a great, deep and meaningful relationship to someone else--words don't quite do it. It's something meant to be lived.However, Christianity is NEVER an excuse to act any way we fell like. No Christian in their right mind will ever make excuses for the likes of the damnable acts that you are listing. In fact, the reason we are even having this thread is because a Christian leader fully and unflinchingly took personal responsibility for his transgressions (the details of which are none of our business) and paid a pretty steep price for doing so. If it were OKAY (to quote you) to do these things, it would be business as usual and none of us would be any the wiser.Sorry if any of us gave you the impression that Satan has the power to control our minds. He does not! If this were a valid defense, then, once again, we would not be having this discussion thread. Christianity clearly asserts, and this pastor's example testifies, that we are responsible for our actions and that we will bear sometimes incredibly heavy consequences for them. Hence this pastor's taking full responsibility for his actions (maybe "cheating", maybe not--let's don't put words in the man's mouth now).I am duly impressed that you seem to be able to control your emotions and your own life. Either you are a much better person than anyone I've ever met, or perhaps you are living by a set of standards that are a bit more on the accommodating side. Alas, I fall short of the only standard that really matters. And I do need that pesky forgiveness that you mentioned. But if we gave the impression that it doesn't really matter what we do, then we definitely did you a grave disservice. If there were no responsibility for our actions, the concept of forgiveness itself would become instantly obsolete and nonsensical.If talking to our subconscious were the entire answer, the world would definitely be a better place. I agree with you that our subconscious, conscience or whatever we want to call that "little voice" can definitely be a veritable source of great insights and best of intentions. Unfortunately, once we know better, there's always cowardice, selfishness, indifference, bad predispositions, forgetfulness, etc, that will be at the ready to ruin the day--ours and that of others. Unfortunately, it appears that self cannot overcome self. Sometimes I just can't get over myself! It's at such times that it is mighty handy to be able to call on something greater than myself to come to my aid. I will agree, it is a bit of a mystery, but it works! I have seen the lives restored of people (myself included) who seemed to be beyond hope until they called on God for help. Those folks had a well-developed unconscious. They knew they were off track. But if that were all it took, we would all be nicer, happier and ten lb lighter.Anyway, few are the great communicators of deep spiritual truth (such as Paul S, the reason we are gathered here, before I completely forget). So I will be so bold as to apologize on behalf of all of us Christians who are not expressing ourselves too clearly. And if my attempts at explanation made it even worse, well, my bad I guess. Keep an open mind. Try not to lump us all together. Hopefully, someone else will come along and do a better job. Until then, Jesus loves you and we're trying--no joke!

I understand that God is the I am of every situation. For God said do not afix your eyes upon man for they fail us every day but the Lord will never fail us. It also says that if we confess our sins to one another we shall be set free. Pastor Dont beat yourself up for a mistake or a fall that occurred in your life. Understand that Gods grace and mercy we can never phantom, For he knows the plans that are for you! Even with the mistake that were made before you he always turned them around and shone the glory of his hand that was revealed in the end. In the end God has the last and final say over our lives! It is unfornated that we do reap what we sow but not for long for GODs disciplines those who he loves. I dont understand the full facts of what occured but I know that you have a gift and nothing will and ever will seperate you from the LOVE OF GOD! I pray that you dont beat yourself up more than others. I pray that you rise above a sin and not let it controll you. I pray that your family will love and forgive as christ did. I do pray that restoration you allow God to penetrate in your guys hearts. I do pray that God will lead and you will submit and follow. My prayers are with you and your family because in the end your family is my family through christ. I love you guys and I appreciate all the sacrifice that yall given to me with the messages on the radio. YOU will be missed but not forgotten!!!! C YOU IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!


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