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Chrystian E Ralf Acustico 2 Dvd.rar [REPACK]

Chrystian & Ralf: The Acoustic Duo of Brazilian Country Music

Chrystian & Ralf are a Brazilian country music duo that has been active since 1983. They are known for their distinctive vocal harmonies and acoustic style, which have earned them many awards and fans. In 2007, they released their second acoustic DVD, titled "Acústico 2", which features some of their classic hits as well as new songs.

Chrystian E Ralf Acustico 2 Dvd.rar

The DVD was recorded live at the Estúdio Quanta in SÃo Paulo, with a minimalist setting and a cozy atmosphere. The duo performed 20 songs, including "Nova York", "Olhos de Luar", "Sem Documento" and "Pinga com LimÃo". They also invited some special guests, such as Bruno & Marrone, CÃsar Menotti & Fabiano, Edson & Hudson and Roberta Miranda. The DVD was a success, selling more than 100,000 copies and receiving a platinum certification.

"Acústico 2" is a testament to the talent and longevity of Chrystian & Ralf, who have been considered one of the best country music duos in Brazil. Their acoustic versions showcase their refined vocals and guitar skills, as well as their emotional connection with the songs. The DVD is a must-have for any fan of Brazilian country music.

Chrystian & Ralf have a long and successful career in Brazilian country music, with more than 20 albums released and over 15 million copies sold. They have also performed in many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay and Portugal. They have won several awards, such as the Sharp Prize, the Golden Record and the Imprensa Trophy. They have also collaborated with other artists, such as Zezà Di Camargo & Luciano, Leandro & Leonardo, ChitÃozinho & Xororà and Roberta Miranda.

Chrystian & Ralf are brothers who were born in GoiÃnia, GoiÃs. Their father was a musician and their mother was a singer. They started singing together when they were children, influenced by American country music. They moved to SÃo Paulo in 1970, where they recorded their first album in English under the name Charles & Ralf. They had some hits, such as "Don't Say Goodbye", "Tears" and "Lies". However, they faced difficulties due to the prejudice against Brazilian singers who sang in English.

In 1983, they decided to switch to Portuguese and adopt their real names. They signed with RGE and released their first album in Brazilian country music, titled "Quebradas da Noite". The album was well received by the public and critics, and marked the beginning of their successful career in the genre. They became known for their refined vocals, romantic lyrics and acoustic arrangements. They also introduced elements of pop rock, blues and jazz to their music, creating a unique style.

Chrystian & Ralf have a vast and diverse repertoire of songs, ranging from romantic ballads to upbeat tracks. Some of their most popular songs are "Nova York", "Cheiro de Shampoo", "SensÃvel Demais", "Minha Gioconda" and "Prazer por Prazer". They have also recorded covers of international songs, such as "Dust in the Wind", "Unchained Melody" and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'". They have also composed some of their own songs, such as "Roy Rogers", "Em Busca de Mim" and "Minha Vida".

Chrystian & Ralf have been praised for their vocal quality and harmony, as well as their musical versatility and innovation. They have influenced many other Brazilian country music artists, such as Bruno & Marrone, Jorge & Mateus, Edson & Hudson and CÃsar Menotti & Fabiano. They have also been recognized by the public and the media as one of the most important and successful duos in Brazilian music history.

Chrystian & Ralf are still active and performing in concerts and events. They have also released some digital projects, such as the Pocket Show series, which features acoustic versions of their songs. They have also embraced new technologies and platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube and Instagram, where they interact with their fans and share their music. They have also announced plans to release new songs and albums in the future. c481cea774


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