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[S1E9] My Two Favorite People [HOT]

To hear the authorities talk today, Heinrich was a master criminal, nearly impossible to catch. They described him as a man who kept to himself and covered his tracks remarkably well. But the people who know him paint a different picture.

[S1E9] My Two Favorite People

But few people he associated with were ever contacted by Wetterling investigators. That meant no one ever checked out a shallow depression on a property just outside Paynesville. The property, near a gravel pit right off a main road into town, was well-known to Heinrich's friends as a party spot. They even gave it a name: the Big Valley. A nearby landowner had wondered about the spot because of a small, unusual clearing among the brush.

I suspect they are afraid of the season 8 Dany backlash occuring, so Rhaenyra becomes passive and a victim of schemes and bastard children accusations (accusations that are true). To be fair, she is passive in the book, but circumstances for that differ, and imo the show exaggerates the passive trait to keep her likeable / a fan favorite. And I think these decisions will at some point backfire on the writers unless something changes.

WolfHart: My impression is that most of the people at ground level were able to escape, unless they were standing where the floor was breached, fell into the pit bc of the debris, or got tailswiped.

4. Rhaenys snuck in with the crowd and therefore did not go to Meleys via those guarded gates but via stairs down on the inside where noone was expecting her and where regular people would never go, because, you know, dragons. We saw what happened when Aemond went down there.

5. If the gates are barred, presumably with strong gates that also protect people from dragons, what other way out does Rhaenys have? Through the floor/ceiling apparently, I find the breaking of the floor a bit hard to figure out structurally, but suspended belief enough to enjoy the stare down.

awol: 5. If the gates are barred, presumably with strong gates that also protect people from dragons, what other way out does Rhaenys have? Through the floor/ceiling apparently, I find the breaking of the floor a bit hard to figure out structurally, but suspended belief enough to enjoy the stare down.

They are. Let my girl be ambitious and scheme! ? She was supposed to lead the plot and remind people Daemon can kill her family if Rhaenyra gets crowned. Honestly, their decisions to make both Alicent and Rhaenyra passive because of the premise they chose is not that strong.

This is a strange stance to me. She broke through the floor, we can assume at least in part because the gates (made to slow down dragons) were barred and guarded. She probably wanted to make a bit of a scene too, but this was a woman and dragon breaking out of prison, dramatically. She threatened but did not kill the greens who were present for a whole bunch of complex reasons, not least of which is that outright murder is a big step to take for most people, and that is a good thing.

The ninth episode of Mayor of Kingstown kicks off with a fire fight as the police raid the Duke's hideout, shooting a number of occupants dressed in clean-room suits. It's not immediately clear, nor answered in this episode, what the ramifications will be, as they march only two people out alive. At the cabin, Mike makes breakfast, presumably for himself and Iris. The scene lingers on shots of him whisking eggs and measuring flour for a German pancake, providing a wholesome moment after the violence of the cold open.

Mike checks in on Iris, who tells him that no matter how much she scrubs, she can't get rid of the residue from the people who assaulted her. The two sit down for the home-cooked breakfast that Mike made, only Mike's already eaten and Iris says she can't eat in front of Mike. After Mike leaves to wait out Iris' breakfast on the porch, Iris comes out to join him and the two chat about bird names and Mike becoming a chef. Iris asks Mike for a favor, which turns out to be holding her, fully clothed, in bed while she sobs herself to sleep.

When looking for Aegon, Aemond mentions that he could have boarded a ship to Yi Ti. Yi Ti is located in Essos, to the east of Qarth, inspired by the real world Imperial China. Yi Ti is a vast Empire, ruled over by leaders who are known as god-emperor, and is one of the largest and oldest nations in the known world. Among the many Game of Thrones spinoffs in various stages of development (which also includes The Tales of Dunk & Egg, and a show based around Princess Nymeria leading her people to Dorne) is an animated series based in Yi Ti, so few details are known as it stands.

House of the Dragon season 1, episode 9 reveals Larys Strong is now serving as Lord Confessor, a position that didn't exist during Game of Thrones. It's a dark job, as Lord Confessor is essentially torturer-in-chief; it goes hand-in-hand with Larys' position as master of whisperers, as he can torture people to get more information out of them.

Larys Strong talks about the web of spies and little spiders to Alicent, and how there's a need to take out the queen in order to destroy the hive. All the mixed animal metaphors aside, it seems as though Larys' offer to Alicent was accepted. During a pass through King's Landing, a building is shown engulfed in flames, and it looks a lot like the one where Mysaria was seen in House of the Dragon season 1, episode 8. Mysaria doesn't die at this point in the book, so it can be assumed she's ok (or it's a major change), but it shows how far Larys will go, and that burning places down is second only to Alicent's feet in his list of favorite things.

As Pride Month comes to an end, we discuss the continued need for LGBTQ+ activism, the challenges facing youth today, and ways to radicalize pride in the fight for social justice with Cynthia Ruffin, the director of COLORS LGBTQ Youth Counseling. As director of this free therapy service, Cynthia has great insight into how these young people continue to experience discrimination and trauma in our country, and she urges us to find new ways to show up for the LGBTQ+ community.

When questioning Tommy, Patrick tricks him into correcting him on the name of Captain Ahab's ship in Moby Dick, a book that Tommy owns a copy of despite it seemingly being far too advanced for him. Patrick informs Tommy that he has realised that Tommy has merely been pretending to be impaired all this time, compliments him on his performance and tells him that, as he is going down for the murders, he might has well reveal his true self. The CBI team subsequently watch in amazement as Tommy, realising that the game is up, transforms effortlessly into his true personality. Patrick asks him if he is a split personality or just a good actor. Tommy denies he has any mental challenges. He admits that he was just playing a part. He found out that if people thought he was mentally challenged he was protected in a way. People would excuse his bad behavior because they thought he just didn't know any better. He explains that when the company obtained a permit to exploit the aquifer at Aldensgrove, he realized what they had done to Dave and began to avenge his death. He confesses to the murders of Rich Garcia and the attempted murder of Trey Piller. Patrick tells Tommy that revenge doesn't come cheap but to Tommy it was worth it. He argues that it was redemptive but dismisses Patrick as not being able to understand. Patrick stares at Tommy, knowing he may face the high cost of revenge himself one day. Tommy asks Patrick to tell Maddy Garcia that he was sorry he hurt her.

Aleida walks in her house and finds her father with the Kennedy school papers. Octavio asks her why she did not tell him and she mentions that she was not sure that she wanted to go. However, her father found that ridiculous after all they had sacrificed and saw her as throwing it all away, realizing that it was probably because of the boy she was seeing, but she argued that she only wanted to stay with her friends. Octavio asked Aleida if she believed Margo had gotten to where she was by chasing boys and she reminded him that they were not in Mexico anymore and people liked to have fun sometimes, telling him that he did not understand America, so he grounded her.

Danielle goes to Outpost and finds Gordo, who is drinking Ginger Ale. He tells her that he had good news and told her that he had decided he would not keep secrets anymore and wanted the world to know what had happened. He tells her that people should know that she was the real hero and not the other way around, but she told him that she knew and that was all that mattered. She told him not to reveal the truth or she would be grounded.

The FBI agent talks to Octavio, asking if he enjoyed working at NASA, which the latter called a dream. The agent told him that working at NASA had also done wonders apparently since he had been pronounced dead. Octavio mentions he does not understand, but the FBI agent asks him who gave him his social security number, then pulling out a photo of the man he suspected. The FBI agent asked him if he knew a man who sold NASA secrets, but Octavio mentioned he simply worked there, but the agent told him that he had stolen and found photos in his locker. He told him that he had only taken the photos to give them to a friend and did not know anything about the people he mentioned. Octavio was grabbed from his seat and handcuffs were placed on his wrists.

At the Kyoto train station, Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendo are waiting for the train. A man approaches them and informs them that they received word that Special Division 1, 2, 3 and 4 were ambushed in Tokyo. Yutaro and Michiko wonder about Makima and if they waited for nothing. The train comes and people run out scared. Makima then comes out and tells them that she got under gunfire and there are bodies and need to be cleaned up. Since Makima is covered in blood, they wonder if she was shot, but she reassures them, telling them that it isn't her blood. Inside the train, her attackers are all dead. 041b061a72


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