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What is a "Trap Bet"? – How to Effectively Identify Trap Bets

What is a "trap bet"? When participating in online football betting, this is a situation that players can easily encounter. It is one of the traps that bookmakers use to lead players towards a 90% losing rate. So, how can you avoid this risky bet? Let's refer to the accurate match evaluation daily football tips methods from Wintips experts!

An Introduction to What a "Trap Bet" Is

What is a trap bet? This is a question that many players ask when they first enter the world of football betting. In reality, trap bets are similar to other bets and are also bets offered by bookmakers that players can place. Trap bets can be in European, Asian, over, and under markets.

However, trap bets have a distinct feature: the payout or odds are very high, which bookmakers use to lure players into betting. Despite their nature, if you follow the odds analysis, the player's losing rate will be 90%.

Major bookmakers around the world have teams of expert predictors who can predict some matches with up to 90% accuracy. Therefore, for the matches they are sure about the result, to increase profits, they will blindly offer a trap bet with very high odds for players who bet on the option they provide.

What is a trap bet? The odds given by bookmakers have attracted many prey. Every player wants to win big. They will blindly follow the information provided by the bookmaker and fall into the trap. It is very difficult for players to distinguish between real bets and trap bets.

How to Effectively Identify Trap Bets

Once you truly understand the nature of football betting, you should learn more about how to recognize bets to avoid losing your bet and all your money. Below are ways to identify trap bets shared by bookmaker experts:

Understand the Odds Provided by the Bookmaker

Knowing the odds is one of the main ways to help players determine whether a match is genuine. You need to regularly input and update the odds, and bookmaker odds for each match, then analyze and determine if the odds they provide align with the match developments. If they seem unreasonable and the odds they apply are very high, it means it is a trap and should be avoided. And if the player is not observant, it is very easy to fall into the trap set by the bookmaker.

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Careful Observation of Betting Odds Fluctuations

Typically, before a football match takes place, bookmakers will continuously adjust and change the betting odds to attract attention and mislead the players' psychology. Therefore, online betting participants should monitor the odds to know the fluctuations of the match about 2 hours before it starts. This is when the bookmakers are most likely to release deceptive bets that are difficult for players to detect.

Although every bookmaker offers pre-match odds to deceive bettors and balance the total bets, if caught in time, players can still profit. Hence, players need to be astute in identifying which odds are deceptive and which are favorable to place accurate bets.

Thorough Research on Match Information

Exploring what deceptive odds are, tracking information for each match in general and both teams specifically, is crucial in helping players make accurate match assessments. Thus, players need to grasp the strengths, form, match history, and goal/concession rates to evaluate which team is stronger and which is weaker. On the other hand, you should also make the most objective decision for yourself to avoid betting on odds that bookmakers are likely to lose. Additionally, players should carefully observe the betting odds on the table. Avoid bets that lack clear information but have unusually high odds.

Timing Your Bets

Bookmakers' deceptive odds always fluctuate and can change continuously within hours before the match starts. During this time, you can avoid adverse odds changes. Instead, place your bets a week before the match.

According to experienced experts, this is an appropriate time to bet because the odds are more accurate. Of course, you should only bet if you really understand both teams well.

Comparing Odds Between Bookmakers

Currently, there are many bookmakers offering football odds in the market. You can compare the selected odds with several other bookmakers.

If the odds are unusually high compared to other bookmakers in the market, it is very likely to be a deceptive bet from the bookmaker, and you should avoid it.

Evaluating the Most Reasonable Betting Odds

To accurately determine if the bookmaker's proposed odds are deceptive, players must understand the betting format they are participating in. The betting platforms must ensure that all information and data are calculated scientifically and reasonably. Ideally, players should only place bets transparently throughout the match with little fluctuation. If there are changes, they should be minimal, so you can confidently choose these new betting tips app methods to increase your chances of winning.


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