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Liccon Work Planner Software Dow

Liccon Work Planner Software Dow

Liccon Work Planner Software Dow is a tool for planning, simulating and documenting crane jobs on a PC and in a crane cab. It is developed by Liebherr, a leading manufacturer of mobile cranes and other heavy equipment. Liccon Work Planner Software Dow is based on the LICCON crane control system, which is specially designed for Liebherr mobile cranes.

Liccon Work Planner Software Dow has several features that make it a useful and efficient tool for crane operators and contractors. Some of these features are:


  • It enables users to plan crane jobs using the original crane data sets and the latest software version supplied by Liebherr. Users can select different crane models, configurations, ballast, outrigger positions, load cases, and other parameters to create realistic scenarios.

  • It allows users to simulate crane jobs on the PC or in the crane cab before completing the actual hoist. This can help users to check the feasibility and safety of the planned job, as well as to optimize the crane performance and economy. Users can also compare different scenarios and see the effects of changing various parameters.

  • It supports the unique VarioBase system, which is a smart software that calculates lifting capacities in real-time and displays them on the crane's monitor. VarioBase enables users to achieve higher lifting capacities in the areas above the outriggers, and to reduce the amount of ballast required for the same or higher performance.

  • It produces complete documentation of all the details of the planned and simulated crane jobs in the form of PDF files. Users can print or save these files for future reference or for sharing with other parties involved in the crane job.

Liccon Work Planner Software Dow is a valuable tool for anyone who works with Liebherr mobile cranes. It can help users to plan low cost crane jobs efficiently and safely, as well as to save resources and work more economically. Liccon Work Planner Software Dow is available for download from Liebherr's website.


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