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Mad Max Fury Road 720p Kickass

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Mad Max Fury Road 720p Kickass

there is no doubt that the characters of the movie are a big part of it, and you may be wondering if the story is very much like mad max. george miller has said that the mad max movies are now some of the films he loves the most, but i am not sure i agree. this movie is much more character based, but so is mad max. i will say this, there is enough continuity between max max and mad max (cars, zombies, car chases) that if you enjoy the first one, you should enjoy the second one. the characters are very important in this one, as i previously wrote, but they arent wasted on the plot.

even if you are going to love furiosa, know she has a lot of memorable cameos, too. charlize theron happens to be the actress with the longest list of cameos on this list, but her ant-man co-star michael douglas and his daughter mad max star tina turner both appear in this movie, as do radha mitchell from hollywod and terence stamp, who is probably best known for playing one of the great villains in the lord of the rings trilogy.

when ghostbusters launched the new york city of the 1990s, it was in an ill mood. the 1990s were not a popular decade in film or in new york city. hollywood had come up short in its blockbuster ambitions, and city life was suffering the consequences. the city was full of dark thoughts: of crime and chaos, vulgarity and sleaze. new york's once-laid-back vibe had evaporated, and the mood was palpable. this is as happy as i've ever seen ghostbusters - the film's signature '80s pop soundtrack is pure good cheer, and the new york city in which it was made feels like an old friend's home, not a city full of monsters and spacemen. 3d9ccd7d82


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