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Auto Clicker V2.3 By Shocker ((HOT)) Download


Auto Clicker V2.3 By Shocker ((HOT)) Download

Fortunately, there are tools like Auto Clicker available on the internet. The software is very useful for people who use their mouse a lot. For example, if a Windows user is writing code during the day, he can use Auto Clicker to click on a button to save the process and increase the productivity.

Auto Clicker has a straightforward interface and includes a set of impressive features that make it the choice of many. On my testing, it performed extremely well and even the ability to freeze the pointer and set a click count is really helpful.

While those are the only interface options, Auto Clicker has a host of options you can set under the Group/Interval section. For starters, there's the option to have the program click randomly in a rectangular area of the screen, as opposed to going directly to a specific point. There's also a three-dimensional rectangular area where Auto Clicker will click at varying angles. In the Task menu, there's a combination of 4 primary and secondary option types for simulating keystrokes and mouse clicks. Existing File Menu options let you view information and click the Help Online page, which includes a page on safety. As we mentioned earlier, Auto Clicker can recognize the Hotspot control and let users set the mouse pointer to hover over icons. There's an option to have a beep on a system beep instead of a click when users click, a bell if they click a lot, and an alert if the program tries to click continuously. There's also the option to reschedule any click to not be triggered on a specific date and time.We tried to see how many clicks Auto Clicker could make, but the program couldnt click fast enough to generate more than 6,700 clicks per hour. 3d9ccd7d82


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