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[S4E8] The Judge

[S4E8] The Judge =====

[S4E8] The Judge

The judge's original argument made no sense. She claimed that she couldn't change the afterlife because only three people got better, but as Michael stated, that's not an accurate portrayal of the results.

We spend the back half of the conversation discussing operational issues such as managing collateral, block-time versus clock-time, transaction costs, exchange risk, and regulatory risk. For a highly systematic team, Alameda spends a good deal of time trying to qualitatively judge where the juice is worth the squeeze.

The firm represents a woman who is accused of making her lover kill her husband. On opposing council is Laura Hellinger, an attorney at the State's Attorney's office, hired by Peter on Alicia's recommendation. The case quickly becomes irrelevant when that night, the presiding judge, comments on their clients guilt and on Will's suspension as disbarment, and that lawyers like Will shouldn't be allowed to practice law. Will and Diane decide to ask him for a recusal which ends up with them trying in front of another judge to replace him.

In the previous seasons, the show always made it clear that, at the end of the day, all of them are students and they can often make mistakes during Shokugeki that expose them to a lot of pressure. But in Season 4, almost all the dishes prepared by chefs are just turning out to be perfect and even the final decision of the judges is quite abrupt. There are no explanations on why one perfect dish is being chosen over another. What makes Episode 8 even worse is how it completely focuses on fan-service fueled reactions instead of bringing in some intriguing shounen metaphors.

Christine butts heads with Judge Eve Gardner, Harry's temporary replacement. When Christine is thrown in jail for contempt of court, she asks Harry to go talk to the judge. To his own surprise, Harry ends up sharing a night of passion with her.

The title of this script for this sitcom about the proceedings in a courtroom is based on the legal concept of "contempt of court" where the judge in a trial declares a person or organization to have disobeyed or been disrespectful of the court's authority.

Abi attempts to convince Gemma that speaking to the judge is a good idea. Gemma continues insisting that they cannot tell Justin anything, since it would be against protocols. At the Albert house, Stella announcements she has finished her homework. Kane nearly butts in, but a snarky comment from Eve (Justine Clarke) halts him in his tracks. Rodney attempts to pick up Angie, but Justin tells him she is sick and cannot go. After the confrontation, Justin visits the hospital and tries to speak to the judge. Gemma tells him to leave, before he gets her fired.

Lorelai's storyline is far less interesting this episode. She talks to Sookie about the Inn, has an awkward run-in with Nicole (and judges Luke for putting his divorce "on hold"), and tries not to be charmed by Jason's advances. I know many fans are like, "ugh, Digger," but I think he's perfect for Lorelai and although I personally don't find him attractive, I do occasionally find him charming. Weaseling his way into a dinner invitation and then asking Emily for restaurant recommendations in front of Lorelai is a bold move that she clearly enjoys. Rory later comments that "There was a palpable vibe." After boring Max and Billy Burke, Lorelai deserves someone who keeps things exciting, so I support this budding romance.

Meanwhile, Kim and Ericsen are summoned to Judge Munsinger's chambers, where the letters from Jimmy's bus trip have flooded the judge's desk, demanding Huell's release. Kim denies playing any role in the letter-writing campaign. Munsinger, exasperated by the volume of the letters and the prospect of a threatened contingent of "yahoos" from Coushatta coming to pack his court, demands that the two women resolve the case without causing a circus.

After hearing his explanation, the judge lets Nicky go with a condition to remain in t


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