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[S5E2] From The Ashes

They didn't get much from the ordeal other than a chance to rough up some nerds and steal a couple of jet skis, but Craig and Deran had a good time after the fact, and with everything else looming over them, they needed that.

[S5E2] From the Ashes

Deran: Is that what I think it is?Pope: We need to lay her to rest. Deran: Ok. Meet me in my office. What's the rush?Pope: She's gone, and we need to face it. Deran: I've been facing it. We were at the lawyer's office. Where were you?Pope: I was busy. Deran: Smurf wrote that new will up a couple of weeks ago, okay? She did that shit on purpose man. Now we can focus on giving her a loving burial just as soon as we figure out a way to keep ourselves from going homeless.

But for whatever reason, Pope wanted Smurf buried that day, so he took it upon himself to attempt to do so but broke down at the burial plots instead. It was surprising when he woke up by the pool, covered in dirt (and ashes?), with an empty bag of Smurf's remains.

After a pretty well done shootout between the GCPD, the pseudo-Bane people led by Sykes, and the masquerade mime people, the trend of characters acting stupidly continues in a creepy ass hotel. Gordon, Bullock, and the leader of the slave kids named Gabrielle end up at some kind of murder motel where Bullock finds plates filled with teeth and fingers (Oh, Gotham), and we are formally introduced to the character of Mother. Mother attacks the cops and kids, but Gordon fends her off as Gotham continues to careen from one thing to another in OCD-like fashion. Mother snarls a bit and acts like a PG-13 Scooby-Doo villain before our heroes escape and make it to a safe part of Gotham where Lucius Fox awaits. It all ends with the Bane people attacking, but Barbara shows up in a Mad Max dune buggy thing and saves the cops because she needs them to help in her war of vengeance against Penguin. Okay, we like Barbara, Barbara is cool. . What was the point of all this? There was Bane people and then Mother and some well-dressed day glo killers, and fighting. Gotham usually somehow pulls it all off with sheer story guts and gumption, but this week is just loud and ponderous.

Rick employs the help of TC and Jin to help him move. TC and Jin are on their way to bid on a storage unit that is up for auction. As Jin jokes around about starting a relationship with Higgins, they get a call from Kumu informing them their client has arrived.

They meet with the suspicious bidder. The man is elated to meet Jin who is a legend among thieves. Jin and TC trick the man to tell them where they stole the Purple Heart from. They track down the soldier and return the award to him.

Back at the beach, Magnum runs into a bit of trouble with some surfers while sneaking around. Luckily, the surfers buy his story and they tell him that they were close with Karina. They give him footage from the day Karina died. From the footage they see Karina saving a man from drowning one hour before she was killed. The man hurriedly leaves without thanking Karina. It also looks like he was carrying something with him.

Dinesh: I, my friend, am now part of the green revolution.Gilfoyle: Are you? Most electricity still comes from gas plants and coal-burning smoke stacks. Do you know where your electricity comes from?Dinesh: No. Look how shiny it is. Plus, it has a frunk... A front trunk.Dinesh: Is that a dead pig?Jian-Yang: Yes. It's just like Errich. My corrupt uncle sent a death certificate from China but to send body is too expensive. So... I cremate a pig because a pig is most like a fat human.Richard: Then, that's when my fight-or-flight reflex kicked in.Dinesh: Do you ever fight?Gilfoyle: What we saw was a very oily man in mid-sentence dip down, vomit, and then thrust himself violently face first into a glass wall. But I guess it's a lot less embarrassing the way you explain it.Jared: People don't wanna follow an idea, they wanna follow a leader. Look at the last guy to create a new Internet. Al Gore. His ideas were excellent, but he talked like a narcoleptic plantation owner, so he lost the presidency to a fake cowboy and now he makes apocalypse porn.Jared: When you set your mind to it, you're one of the most charismatic people I've ever met... and I have met Ira Glass.Jean: (referring to Gavin's signature) The signature displayed troubling traits. Left of upright slant, narrow angles, tense strokes, conclusively indicative of sociopathic tendencies. Gavin: What?Jean: Characterized by a lack of empathy and need to dominate, a willingness to hurt others to achieve one's goals. Inability to accept bad news...Gavin: Hoover, get this horrible woman the fuck out of my office, now.Richard: What a day. See, we'd still be finishing up orientation, singing Kumbayas and doing trust falls. But instead, both our Optimoji and Sliceline teams have gone through their first code review.Jared: Well, to be fair, I never would've scheduled trust falls. I mean, you do one of those, you're so jacked up on adrenaline, the rest of the day is basically shot. We were gonna have a noncompetitive talent show with no losers.Judge: Would you characterize Mr. Bachman as a financially responsible man?(Jian-Yang kicks the bucket of ashes)Gilfoyle: Something's wrong with your frunk. It's all frucked up.Dinesh: In Pakistan, dogs are not pets, okay? They're vicious beasts and they chase you down the street and they bite you. My cousin Eftahar lost an ear. Our mayor was very corrupt. But he put poison pills in chicken meat to take care of the dog problem. We hailed him as a hero. We put up statues of him everywhere.Jared: He's violently allergic to dogs. It's another reason for our iron-clad no dog policy.Richard: Jared, when were you planning on telling me all of this?Jared: Day two of orientation. Right after safe space charades.Richard: Jared, uh, you wanted me to unite the teams and I have. They are united against me.Jared: Even the dogs, apparently. I wish they had your fecal fortitude.Gavin: What is this?Dang: Banksy is insisting his signature be on his work.Gavin: This is supposed to be my signature. On what planet does a signature have a signature on it?Gavin: I just fired Banksy.Hoover: Banksy, the vandal?Gavin: The very one.Gilfoyle: Yang. There better not be a Chinaman in my bed.Jian-Yang: That is racist.Gilfoyle: Yes. I am racist.Jian-Yang: Stupid Errich. Big mortgage. Seven credit cards. Not even one with miles. Fucking loser.Jared: When you left, I thought he was fried. Okay? Because his shoulders were all tight, and he wouldn't answer to his name, and his eyes went dead, like when I tell him I love him.Jared: It's amazing. I mean, I feel... I feel like Mary Magdalene on resurrection day. And that's not the greatest miracle of all. Look. Look at the coders. They're all wearing Pied Piper hoodies.Doctor: Hey, buddy boy. Oh, there he is.Richard: (waking up) What's... what's going on?Doctor: Don't flip out, okay? But you have been in a coma for four years.Richard: What?Doctor: That's correct. In fact, I'm a robot. The real Dr. Crawford died heroically in the water wars of 2020. Richard: (confused)Doctor: Jokes, Richard! I'm just joking around. What, did you sell your sense of humor? You've just been out for about six hours. You were not even unconscious, really just asleep. But you did lose a whole lot of blood. I just hope they put the right kind back in.Richard: Wait, are you still riffing?Doctor: I don't know.Jian-Yang: Errich is gone. This is my incubator now.Dinesh: What?Jian-Yang: Your things are over there.Richard: What the fuck?Dinesh: You just took our shit and threw it on the lawn?Jian-Yang: Gilfoyle, you are racist. And Richard... you are ugly. The Errich administration is over.Music"Down the Road " by C2C (End credits music)

46 days after Praimfaya, Octavia and the delegates in the bunker discuss a punishment for a thief. During this assembly, they hear Clarke 's knocking on the bunker door. Kane and Abby go and investigate if Clarke may be trying to get inside the bunker. In attempt to open the bunker door, they discover that it is sealed shut due to the tons of rubble from the Polis tower collapsing over them.

Later, a Skaikru member named Kara fakes a seizure and locks some of the Skaikru members in the farm area. While Grounders begin gathering the Skaikru that are not in the farm area, Jaha is stabbed by a Grounder, but is spared by Octavia due to his expertise as an engineer. With the help from Jaha, Indra, and Gaia, Octavia resolves a problem of trying to opening the farm area door and shows that she is a capable leader. When some of the Grounders go against her leadership, she kills them, telling them, "You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose." Those remaining bow before her.

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has explored the ancestry of dozens of influential people from diverse backgrounds, taking millions of viewers deep into the past to reveal the connections that bind us all.

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