Data de entrada: 13 de mai. de 2022

When National Lottery draw only respondents are excluded, the overall participation rate falls from 47% to 32%. Since 2015, the proportion of respondents gambling on any activity (other than National Lottery draws) has increased by five percentage points Males were more likely than females to gamble (36% and 30% respectively), and those aged 16–34 were more likely to gamble than other age groups.

Overall, 21% of respondents have gambled online in the previous four weeks, which is a three percentage point increase since 2018, and a six percentage point increase since 2015. Online participation was higher among men (25%) than women (17%). There has been a significant increase in those aged 16– 24 (17%, a five percentage point increase) and 35–44 (28%, a six percentage point increase) gambling online.

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