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DEAD OR ALIVE 3 PC Game Free Download Full Version - A Review

If you are looking for a fast-paced 3D fighting game that will keep you entertained for hours, you should check out DEAD OR ALIVE 3 PC game free download full version. This game is the third installment of the popular DEAD OR ALIVE franchise, produced by Koei Tecmo Games' Team NINJA. It features stunning graphics, multi-tiered stages, and a variety of characters and modes to choose from.



What is DEAD OR ALIVE 3 PC Game?

DEAD OR ALIVE 3 PC game is a 3D fighting game that was originally released for the Xbox console in 2001. It was later ported to the PC platform with improved graphics and performance. The game follows the events of DEAD OR ALIVE 2, where a mysterious organization called DOATEC is holding a martial arts tournament to test its new bio-weapon project. The game has two main storylines: one involving the ninja clan led by Kasumi and Hayate, who are trying to stop DOATEC and its leader Donovan; and another involving the 6th DEAD OR ALIVE tournament, where fighters from different backgrounds compete for glory and fame.

What are the Features of DEAD OR ALIVE 3 PC Game?

DEAD OR ALIVE 3 PC game has many features that make it a fun and exciting fighting game. Some of them are:

  • Stunning graphics: The game uses a new graphics engine that enhances the visual quality of the characters, stages, and effects. The game also supports high-resolution displays and widescreen modes.

  • Multi-tiered stages: The game has 16 stages that have multiple levels and interactive elements. You can knock your opponent off the edge, break through walls, or trigger explosions to gain an advantage.

  • Variety of characters and modes: The game has 25 playable characters, each with their own fighting style, personality, and costumes. You can customize your character's appearance and skills in the options menu. The game also has several modes to choose from, such as Story Mode, Versus Mode, Survival Mode, Time Attack Mode, Team Battle Mode, and Watch Mode.

  • Triangle system: The game uses a simple but effective combat system based on a triangle of attacks: strikes beat throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes. You can also perform combos, counters, tag team moves, and special attacks to deal more damage.

How to Download DEAD OR ALIVE 3 PC Game Free Full Version?

If you want to download DEAD OR ALIVE 3 PC game free full version, you can follow these steps:

  • Click on the link below to go to the download page.

  • Choose a download option that suits your preference.