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Calls Season 1 Complete Pack

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Calls Season 1 Complete Pack

Introducing the all-new Battle Pass, where player choice leads to complete domination over the Area of Operations. Using Battle Token Tier Skips, choose the rewards you want to earn first each season, from free Functional Weapons to Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, and more.

With the new tax season starting, the IRS reminded taxpayers to be aware that criminals continue to make aggressive calls posing as IRS agents in hopes of stealing taxpayer money or personal information.

After returning from a vacation with Jan Levinson in Jamaica, Michael calls Packer in Atlanta to brag about it. Packer doesn't believe him, so Michael attempts to email Packer a photo of Michael with Jan sunbathing topless at the resort. Unfortunately, Michael clicks on the wrong email address and instead of sending it to, he sends it to, which leads to the photo being forwarded to staff and acquaintances all over the company. ("Back From Vacation") 59ce067264


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