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One of the newest cannibal movies to come out of Hollywood is the upcoming Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story, about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The film tells the story of the cannibal who may have killed the most people of all time. The film, directed by Frank Henenlotter, is an interview-style documentary that follows the story of Jeffrey Dahmer, one of history's most prolific serial killers. Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story is adapted from a book of the same name written by Tom Harvey, who spent several years with the man in question. Harvey, along with several others who were close to him during his life and death, provide a detailed, personal account of Dahmer's life, showing how the man became a serial killer, how he committed his crimes, and how he was punished for them.

Cannibalism is an effective tool when it comes to producing shock and disgust. As a matter of fact, it's so effective that there has been a proliferation of cannibal media - from movies like Tusk and Cannibal, to TV shows like Hannibal and The Walking Dead.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of modern cannibalism is the fact that it represents a shift in power dynamics. With the rise in popularity of the horror genre, one may argue that our fear of cannibalism is a reflection of our fear of the unknown. Since American society seems to thrive on the fear of the unknown, people tend to forget that history is rife with examples of people eating one another.

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