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Skyrim First Person Animation Mod [PORTABLE]

For some reason the first person mode is really messed up, aiming a bow in third person is also quite strange.I have tried a few first person enhancement mods and in the end disabled them all, I also installed the XP32 mod, but the problem still persists even after disabling all those mods.

Skyrim First Person Animation Mod

Download Zip:

I had the exact same problem. To add onto what akselmo said, it is indeed Immersive First Person View which causes the trouble. The problem is that you failed one simple but crucial step before uninstalling - making sure you were not in first person view. The fix is simple: load up the save with IFPV then switch to third person view and save and quit, then remove IFPV. That's it. It even says to do this on the nexus page, something which I also initially missed.

Make sure the DLL file from Data/SKSE/Plugins/FirstPersonPlugin.dll got removed properly. Make sure you are not using Joy of perspective skeleton. Make sure you were not in my mod's first person view on that save game when you uninstalled.

So you may need to reactivate the mod, reset the mods settings to default/press the uninstall button, enable the normal first person view or third person view before saving and then quit the game and uninstall the mod.

Upon release in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was immediately regarded as one of the greatest games of all time. Improving and expanding upon its predecessors, Wild Hunt allows players to explore an expansive fantasy world while completing a huge range of different quests. The game's narrative design received particular praise, since every side quest features its own storyline and delves into an aspect of Geralt's character. Mods have allowed fans to make their own changes and improvements to the game, with one popular concept being a first-person mod for Witcher 3 which has been recreated and improved by various modders.

Improving upon past attempts at turning The Witcher 3 into a first-person experience, Nexus Mods user crthdr recently launched the Gervant First Person mod. As reported by PC Gamer and shared to YouTube by brandonzxcv, this new fan creation lets players actually engage in combat from an immersive new perspective. The mod allows for up-close and personal battles against The Witcher 3's various threats, which is something that past mods were typically unable to accomplish. Custom animations let players attack, block and cast Signs from Geralt's point of view, making CD Projekt Red's masterpiece look more like Skyrim.

The Witcher 3 and Skyrim have frequently been compared by fans, and the Gervant First Person mod bridges the gap by giving The Witcher 3 truly immersive first-person combat. The title was not developed with a first-person perspective in mind, but crthdr has gone the extra mile by making animations fit perfectly with the new angle. The project allows players to fully embody the White Wolf Geralt as he purges the world of inhuman monstrosities.

As a bonus, take Resident Evil 4 and make it play like Resident Evil Dead Aim. A pulled back 3rd person camera instead of over-the-shoulder, and when you aim your gun, it switches to a first-person view with a giant reticle in the middle of the screen. Dead Space and Gears of War would have to look elsewhere for inspiration... or be VEEEERY different games. 076b4e4f54


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