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[S1E20] Ambush

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[S1E20] Ambush

In "Burned" (S1E23), Bulgarian gangsters working for Ruman Marinov (Steve Bacic), carry MP5K's when meeting an undercover Callen and when ambushing a German CEO named Andres Werner who was being protected by Sam, Kensi, and Renko.

Meanwhile, Wakaba and Macao were talking about Natsu and Lisanna and how they had gotten close when Mirajane busted the table that they were sitting at, mad that Natsu and Lisanna were getting close. Natsu took Lisanna to where he first found the egg, but they were ambushed by a Gorian. Natsu gave the egg to Lisanna and told her that he would protect them. He fought the monster until he defeated it with a head-butt. Lisanna was thrilled that Natsu won, but said that he looked like a wreck. It began to rain, so Natsu and Lisanna headed back to their shelter. After some small talk about Lisanna and her family, Lisanna asked Natsu if she could be his bride in the future, which made Natsu blush, but she then told him that she was just joking. They fell asleep that night and a shadow approached.

After the team were ambushed by Wind and Shauna, the journal was stolen and returned to the Professor along with the Amulet of Will. S1E25 After the Professor was finally defeated, the journal came back into Lok's possession. S1E26 59ce067264


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