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Best Vegan Cookies To Buy

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You've probably been wondering if there are store-bought options for you to have your cake (er, cookie) and eat it too. Luckily, there are dozens of vegan cookie brands that are making vegan desserts that stand up to their animal-based inspirations. With the help of dietitian nutritionists, we paired down that list to pick the best of the best vegan cookies.

"Vegan cookies aren't necessarily healthier than regular cookies. 'Vegan' simply means no animal products are in the cookie; the cookie could still be loaded with sugar, saturated fat, and calories, and it could contain refined flours and contain highly processed and/or artificial ingredients," say Lyssie Lakatos, RDN, CDN, CFT and Tammy Lakatos Shames, RDN, CDN, CFT, The Nutrition Twins, cofounders of the 21-Day Body Reboot.

However you cookie, a good starting point will be these awesome vegan cookie brands that make the indulgent goodie as nutritious as possible, given the fact that we're typically working with flour, sweeteners, and chocolate chips here. And who knows healthy-ish cookies better than the experts who study and advise on nutrition for a living

"These cookies have high-quality ingredients, no artificial flavors and are 'top 8' allergen free, gluten-free, and vegan," says Jodi Greebel, MS, RD founder of Citrition nutrition consulting practice. Greebel also adores these cookies because they have that "fresh baked" taste, uncommon for many packaged cookies varieties.

"Many vegan cookies are made with nut-based ingredients, but these are vegan and allergy-friendly, produced in facilities free from major allergens," says Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN, CDN, NYC-based nutritionist and owner of Chelsey Amer Nutrition and author of Thrive in 5. "Plus, they're even made with some whole grains (like sorghum, brown rice, and buckwheat flours)." For those who like a crunch in their cookies, you'll certainly find these more appealing than many of the chewier, softer varieties on the market.

You don't have to tell us twice to load up our carts with these treats next time we're at Trader Joe's. Or, if you're feeling really antsy to stock up, order 'em on Amazon. Greebel is a fan of these cookies for being very allergy-friendly (they don't have any wheat, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, or soy) and says they're good to have on hand if you have kids for playdate options, since they work for so many kids' diets.

"These cookies are only 90 calories per two-cookie serving, have eight grams of heart-healthy fiber, which is extremely rare for a cookie, and only two grams of sugar which comes from dried fruit not added sugar," says Gans. But what she prizes about these tasty morsels the most They taste absolutely wonderful.

"This is a great option for vegans who also want to watch their sugar and calorie intake," says Kostro Miller. "The Steve and Andy's cookie has only 70 calories per cookie and only four grams of added sugar." If you want to splurge on two cookies, that means you're still clocking in under Kosto Miller's suggestions to keep treats to under 200 calories a day. Also worth noting: "It has one gram of fiber per serving, which is not significant, but Americans typically only get half of the daily fiber recommendations, so you can get one gram from this cookie." Better than zilch, friends. P.S. Looking to boost your fiber intake Check out 43 Fiber-Rich Foods For a Healthy Diet.

"I'm a fan of Sweet Loren's allergy-friendly vegan cookie dough you and break and bake," says Amer. "The short ingredient list of whole food ingredients make these a standout allergy-friendly choice." Whether you're gluten-free, plant-based, nut-free, or none of the above, these cookies prove a welcome addition to any dessert lover's life.

We hate to break it to you, but while OREO cookies are vegan, they aren't exactly a boon for your health. Yes, it may be vegan, but one serving or three cookies clocks in at 160 calories and contains 15 grams of sugar "no surprise, given the first ingredient is sugar" says Gorin. It's also made with high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor, and the attractive addition of "canola and/or palm oil." There's even more non-nutritious news: "You also get no protein and no fiber in this cookie."

The cream-filled cookie sandwiches are some of the best-selling items at this gluten and allergen-friendly vegan bakery. Order the sampler pack with includes all three flavors: Oatmeal Chai, Snickwhich, and Chocolate Chipwich. Order cookies

Send an edible, sweet gift with a tidy red bow to a friend feeling down with this 15-box assortment of gluten-free goodies. The uniquely flavored cookies include Chocolate Chai, Macadamia Cranberry, Thin Mints, and Frosted Sugar. Order cookies

Support this vegan and gluten-free pioneer by ordering a box of her incredible baked goods. Opt for pure and simple chocolate chip or the more indulgent cookie sandwiches with vanilla icing. The icing comes in its own container, so you can make yourself a double-stuffed treat if the craving arises. Order cookies

Jalen may only be 13 years old, but he makes exceptional vegan chocolate chip cookies. Feed your cookie addiction and support an aspiring young entrepreneur by ordering a dozen for yourself or your family. Order cookies

Like other baked goods, cookies are traditionally made using animal-based ingredients. Butter and eggs are the most common animal products found in cookies. In addition to butter, dairy can also make its way into store-bought cookies in the form of whey.

While not as common, there are a number of boxed cookies that use honey for added sweetness. This is most often the case for graham crackers, but worry not, there are accidentally vegan options readily available.

We love smearing peanut butter onto these organic bunny-stamped biscuits. Many of the bite-sized Bunny Grahams are also vegan including the chocolate chip, birthday cake, cinnamon, chocolate, gluten-free, and snickerdoodle flavors. Learn more here

Are you sensing a theme here Most crème-filled sandwich cookies are accidentally vegan. While grabbing lunch at the Whole Foods hot bar, grab a box of the chocolate, vanilla, or mismatched sandwich crème cookies. Learn more here

When we discovered these speculoos cookies were accidentally vegan, they became our airplane snack of choice. Many airlines carry them, so now vegans have a sweet counterpart to the salty pretzel standard. Learn more here

With the exception of the honey variety, these adorable bite-sized bears are vegan. Both the chocolate and chocolate chip flavors serve as a wonderful nostalgic snack. Enjoy them by the handful or crush them and sprinkle on top of a vegan chocolate pudding cup or non-dairy vanilla ice cream. Learn more here

A cross between a pastry and a cookie, these sugar-dusted, vegan-friendly rugelach bites never fail to brighten our spirits. Choose from decadent chocolate to fruity raspberry or spicy cinnamon fillings. Learn more here

Available in both crunchy and soft-baked cookie varieties, these dairy-free store-bought cookies are always on our shopping list. From bestselling chocolate chip to classic ginger snaps to refreshing lemon cookies, Partake has a treat for everyone. In addition to being vegan, the inclusive brand is free from gluten and the top nine allergens. Looking to DIY The brand also makes delicious baking mixes, including pancake and waffle mix.

Alternative Baking Co. cookies are a longtime VegOut fave! Find these store-bought vegan cookies in a variety of flavors. We are always in the mood for the Colossal Chocolate Chip and Explosive Espresso Chip treats. In addition to classic cookie varieties, the brand also offers gluten-free formulations in similar flavors. The Cinnamon Burst GF cookie will warm your soul.

Keto-friendly brand Catalina Crunch is serving up four dairy-free store-bought sandwich cookies, and you need to try them. From Chocolate Vanilla and Peanut Butter to Vanilla Crème and Chocolate Mint, these sweets have us hooked! You can catch us stocking up on these protein-packed sweets at Walmart. Find them alongside your accidentally vegan favorites.

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Alternative Baking Company is one of those rare all-vegan cookie companies dedicated to baking up delicious plant-based treats. Their single-wrap cookies come in a variety of flavors and are all made with organic base ingredients and natural flavors and sweeteners.

Partake Foods, a vegan cookie company started by a mother of a child with multiple food allergies, is another great inclusive vegan bakery. All of their products are free from the top 9 most common food allergies and are certified vegan. In addition to boxes of cookies, the company also sells allergen-free baking mixes.

Kookie Cat is a great choice for those looking for palm-oil-free options, plus they have some awesomely adventurous flavors. If you want easy-to-find vegan cookies, Back to Nature is available in most stores and has a ton of vegan recipe options.

Palm oil is a common ingredient in many foods, but it is especially common in cookies. Crunchy cookies often use palm oil to accomplish that crispy texture without using butter. But even some chewy-style cookies will utilize palm shortening to get that decadent feel.

You can also just use all of one type of sugar instead of two. The resulting cookies might be crunchy or spread more, or they might need more or less time in the oven, but edible baking experiments are the best kind of experiments!

There are too many vegan chocolate bar options to list them all here, but some of my favorite fair-trade options include Theo, Pacari, Taza, Loving Earth, and Endangered Species brands. And there are so many more. 59ce067264


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