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In RPG in a Box full, you won't have access to any of the character class powers because they are all locked behind an almighty set of biohazards. Your character's weapon set is completely randomised on each run of the game, and unfortunately there is a greater chance of being harmed by your foes than being able to harm them with it. Likewise, a weapon obtained by going through a square of a certain colour is good for nothing but picking up items.

One of the first things the player will notice in RPG in a Box full is that they are unable to use any class skills, only generic character skills (which is a big loss because class skills are fun and helpful). Skills in RPG in a Box need to be picked up by fighting foes, and while you cannot just go 'fighting or punch' (much like most other roguelikes), you can find a trainer at your nearest trainer's camp (you'll know them by the blue flower). The game has an easy interface and use for Skill Selection, which is also a rarity these days.

That being said, there is no reason not to stick with the character skills, analog stick-based movement, and setting some class skills to 'auto-select', best of all. In fact, that class skills' auto-select feature is indirectly a point in the game's favour, as it means that you'll be attacking foes quite effectively and eliminating them without having to worry too much about which character skill to use.

RPG in a Box full is a roguelike where death is an ever-present possibility, and you will often spend the first few hours of the game encountering the same enemies over and over and dying like crazy until you figure out what to do, how to survive, or until the situation becomes too much to bear. Dynamically loading randomised combat and level are keys to this feeling. If the combat is static, you won't be able to explore the world freely and you won't be able to get used to the game's logic until much later. d2c66b5586


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