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Change Folder Icons 8.7 Portablel ((TOP))

To install LaunchBox, download the installer (above) and run the EXE. The installer will extract the files to a location of your choosing and optionally create desktop and Start menu icons. DirectX and the .NET Framework will also be updated/installed if necessary. No other changes are made to your system. An uninstaller is provided in the installation folder, which simply removes the files in the installation folder and the desktop and Start menu icons.

Change Folder Icons 8.7 Portablel

Download File:

V9.5.63.0 SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE (9th November 2021)Fixed (Pro): Objects uploaded to Backblaze B2 with other tools (and invalid properties) may be treated as foldersFixed: System (notification) tray icon did not reappear if Explorer process restartedFixed: New program version window may be too smallFixed (Pro): Fix a problem in Dropbox and Google Drive where files uploaded by 3rd party apps, or via web, are not been detected as been changed/differentUpdated: Recompiled using latest compiler

V9.5.5.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (10th March 2021)New (SE/Pro): (BETA FEATURE) Worker threads are now available for FTP/SFTP so multiple files can be uploaded, downloaded and deleted at the same time New: Invert selection button in Differences window New: When using multi-zip the log file now states number of files ignored because filename extension is wrong (no need to enable logging of skipped files) Updated: Extra debug output for support Updated: Improved communication with Windows Task Scheduler. If have access rights also checks users permissions with task scheduler. Updated (Pro): Changed block size calculation for uploading large files to Azure Updated (SE/Pro): If a SyncBack serial is entered into Touch licensing, and SyncBack is not registered, then it will use serial to register SyncBack Updated (SE/Pro): SERIALALL and LABELALL variables deprecated and are now same as SERIAL and LABEL Updated (SE/Pro): Silently failing due to Windows network failure tests for failure earlier but has impact on order of execution Updated: Numerous updates to FTP to improve performance Updated: Temporary Zip files are moved by SyncBack instead of zip component (only if not encrypting filenames) Fixed (Pro): Default to eu-west-1 region when location is set to EU to avoid problems with V4 signature Fixed (Pro): Egnyte may be failing to set meta-data Fixed (SE/Pro): FTP components failing to register when used heavily Fixed (Pro): When changing meta-data on cold storage object (S3 and Azure) then it will retrieve object so it can be changed later instead of failing Fixed: With multi-zip it was not logging files ignored because they filename extension was wrong (except if using file system) Fixed: Case change renames for files and directories did not work on exFAT, FAT32 and FAT file systems (requires a two-step rename) Fixed: When initially creating a new folder with files in it the last modification date of the new folder may be wrong Fixed (Pro): Fixed "SQLite3 Error 11 - database disk image is malformed" when using cloud

V9.4.0.7 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (11th August 2020)New (Pro/SE): Pop-up menu item in main window to force a rescan for all selected Fast Backup profilesNew: Right-click on column headers in main window to show/hide columnsNew: Copy/Delete -> Warning now has option to abort profile if too many files are going to be copied/movedUpdated: When mounting VHD/VHDX files, and the file is read-only, then it is automatically mounted as read-onlyUpdated (Pro/SE): Can now verify and hash compare local/network files that previously gave access denied errorUpdated: With the error "Cannot copy file (87): The parameter is incorrect" it will retry more and with longer pauses between retriesUpdated (Pro): Changes to support Google Drive shortcuts in root folderFixed: Importing a profile while profile selected may create a new profile using a linkFixed: Desktop notifications sometimes using wrong titleFixed: As per Microsoft guidelines, on Windows 8 and newer the installers now have a single shortcut to SyncBack in the start menu, no sub-folder or other linksFixed: Action to perform when profiles end defaulted to Shutdown after a profile was modified or global settings changedFixed (Pro): Egnyte timestamps format may be wrong due to different localeFixed (Pro): Minor fix in WebDAV to ignore progress callback if total size is negative

V9.3.40.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (1st July 2020)New (Pro): S3 compatibility support for Oracle CloudNew (Pro): Option to record files that could not be retrieved because they are in cold storage as warnings instead of errorsNew: Can choose not to copy reparse (Junction) point files (these are often symbolic links on Windows Subsystem for Linux)New: Option to record files that could not be copied because they are locked (open) as warnings instead of errorsNew: -vgn command line parameter to run a profile as part of a group (so the group variables can be used by the profile)Updated (Pro): With SFTP keyboard authentication, all SFTP engines will default to using SFTP password if user cannot be promptedUpdated (Pro): S3 endpointsUpdated: On Differences window, the pop-up menu now lets you choose an action even if it does not apply to all selected itemsUpdated: When filters are changed there are now fewer prompts to change existing file and folder selections to match new filtersUpdated: SmartFTP is deprecated and will be removed in future versionsUpdated: OpenSSL librariesFixed (Pro/SE 64-bit): The installer was not detecting if SyncBackPro/SE was runningFixed: If the source or destination path is a symbolic link to a UNC path then it may failFixed: When using multi-zip it would record missing files as errors even when configured to record them as warnings

V9.2.30.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (6th January 2020)New (Pro/SE): Profiles set to run periodically or when files are changed can now be added to the queue instead of being run immediatelyUpdated (Pro): TLS 1.2 is now always used with BoxUpdated: The option of what to do when all profiles end is now savedUpdated (Pro): In the New Profile Wizard there is an add button to manually add a cloud bucketUpdated (Pro/SE): SSL connections are re-used with FTPS when using Eldos FTP engine (already does this with WeOnlyDo)Updated (Pro): Better OneDrive throttling handling when an error occurs during fragmented uploadUpdated: Network profile settings tab now always visibleUpdated: Profile remembers what the destination was previously so can revert back to it in future via profile configUpdated: Default FTP engine is now WeOnlyDo for FTP, FTPS and SFTPUpdated: Using newer compiler (Delphi 10.3.3)Updated: For passive connections, "always use the servers IP address" setting now for all FTP enginesUpdated: Russian translationsUpdated: If file and folder selections are disabled then prompted if want to reset the selections (delete selections database)Updated (Pro): Better fault tolerance when scanning DropboxUpdated: First column in Details list on History tab can now be resizedFixed: Windows positions when taskbar is on left or top of screenFixed: You can now rename a profile to the same name but with different caseFixed: RMDA FTP command fails when directory to delete is the base directoryFixed (SE): The 64-bit No Install release had the wrong non-admin manifest fileFixed (Pro/SE): When using parallel compression or cloud transfers, in rare cases it may fail to end the profileFixed (Pro): Failed to download empty files from OneDriveFixed (Pro): Now able to get symbolic link target details with WeOnlyDo SFTP. Warning! This fix means directories previously seen as files will now be correctly identified as directories. This means files not previously included in the profile may now be.Fixed (Pro): Source file attributes lost if large number of filesFixed: When changing filter type from default was prompted each time filter window openedFixed (Pro): Can get stuck in a loop when getting an error uploading to WebDAVFixed: Now reconnects to FTP correctly when no transfer time limit exceededFixed: Selections no longer lost when using SHIFT and UP/DOWN keysFixed (Pro): When uploading single Zip to Google Drive, the delete to trash setting is now respected

V9.1.12.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (7th October 2019)New (Pro): Google Photos (BETA)New (Pro): Can now choose Dropbox Teams root folder instead of users home folder (Dropbox Business)Updated: Files with temporary attribute are no longer ignored by defaultUpdated: When searching for files, or getting a list of files, on a drive or network share, it will retry when it canUpdated (Pro): SHA-256 used for File Integrity with FTP servers that support it and if FTP engine supports itUpdated (Pro): Can select and upload multiple profiles to SBMS serviceUpdated (Pro): Changes in S3 for better V4 signing support in Wasabi, plus support for Wasabi regionsFixed (SE/Pro): Could not change number of threads to use for multi-threaded copyFixed (SE/Pro): Getting hash values of files on some non-standard FTP servers when using wodFTP FTP engineFixed: When uploading a file to FTP, and safe copy is used, the existing file permissions are retained (if the FTP server supports CHMOD extension)Fixed: The wodFTP FTP engine did not get file permissions on UNIX systemsFixed: Can now unlink GMail OAUTH if it was being used in a profileFixed (Pro): Was setting meta-data on folders to indicate they were filesFixed (Pro): When using worker threads then may have failed to delete old Backblaze B2 file versionsFixed (Pro): May ignore failures getting metadata from S3 and compatible servicesFixed (Pro): Unhandled exception when choosing WebDAV folder and connection details were invalid 350c69d7ab


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