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After a big success of publication on ‘fundamentals of drawing’ , a leading art professor at the so-called'repin' academy in St. Petersburg, Prof. V.A. Mogilevtsev has managed to create yet another important book on art fundamentals. This teaching aid follows the same structure as its predecessor, while offering a complete overview on academic painting, a discipline that is built on traditional art education.

The book is divided into four parts: - I. Principles of Academic Drawing, II. Elements of Painting and Annunciation of self-portrait, III. Types of Landscapes, IV. Principles of movement. The book gives a comprehensive overview of the art fundamentals you need for a smooth career in any art and for a contest entry. All the most important principles are presented in their most compact forms. You can find out about the structures and values of various materials for painting, the composition and arrangement of the elements of a picture, the principles of drawing, the elements of a portrait, the shapes, and the techniques of applying them.

Within the Bezalel Academy of Art And Design, every student is expected to complete his or her final project -a five-panel folio in oil, gouache, or watercolor - for an exhibition in the spring of the junior year. This can be a watercolor or gouache folio on a still life, or a landscape, or a figure study. Or it can be an imaginative mixed media piece, combining drawing, color, text and other media.

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