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Free Lutterloh Pattern Systems

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The needed materials for making your own pattern are: ribbons, straight lines, scissors, mirrors, a paper cutter and a pencil. Each participant received a 40 linear centimeter (dx) square paper with one long and ten short inches. Now you can start drawing a pattern on this paper. Invented in Germany around 1935, the Lutterloh Pattern-Making was created, and on Saturday March 5th, around 27 interested seamstresses and tailors, as well as hobby sewing enthusiasts were able to participate in a free class to learn the method.

Pattern drawing, a perfect pattern to measure, that is the first requirement of clothing making, a beautiful homemade garment. patterndrawing you now from the razor blades, Burda, Knip, Victor la maison, simplicity? Then take a look at the lutterloh pattern drawing system! Pattern drawing like you've never done before, so easy and fun! A small pattern, your chest size and hip size, putting points, connecting and ready is your pattern! Then some checks, at least your back length and waist and before you know it you have drawn a beautiful, perfectly fitting pattern. Super! Take a look at this pattern drawing website and enjoy the simple way of drawing patterns. Sewing becomes even more fun this way Do you need help? No problem!! With telephone support, on facebook, the lutterlohacademy forum and the clear instruction films you can also do it!

The second day included the use of special paper and different types of linings and trimmings to enhance the garments. Participants were given materials for each pattern and told to go home to create something from scratch. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the class, a free-for-all was already instigated to test the endurance of the sewing community. After they were done, students left the room to show their creations to be picked up by Lutterloh and eventually displayed in the San Pedro House of Culture. d2c66b5586


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