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Nbf To Vcard Converter Free 11

Nbf to Vcard Converter Free 11 - How to Convert Nokia Backup Files to Vcard Format

If you have some old Nokia phone backup files that you want to convert to vCard format, you might be wondering how to do it. Vcard is a standard file format for storing contact information, and it is widely supported by many devices and applications. Converting your nbf files to vcard can help you transfer your contacts to a new phone or import them into your email or address book.

In this article, we will show you how to convert nbf files to vcard using a free and simple method. You will need a computer, a USB cable or Bluetooth connection, and a zip extraction program. Follow these steps to get started:

Download Zip:

  • Send the nbf file to your computer. Use a USB cable or Bluetooth to transfer the nbf file from your old Nokia phone to your PC or Mac. If your phone gives you access to a "mass storage" option when you connect, this is the fastest way to transfer the file.

  • Change the file extension to zip. Right-click the nbf file on your computer, or Control-click on a one-button Mac. Choose Properties (Windows) or Get Info (Mac) from the drop-down menu. In the window that opens, look for the text field with the file name. Delete "nbf" and type "zip" instead. Confirm your choice if prompted by a pop-up window. You may need administrator access to change the file.

  • Open the zip file. Double-click the zip file to open it. If this doesn't work, right-click the file and select Extract or Open With followed by a zip extraction program. The file should open as a folder with other folders and files inside.

  • Locate your contacts. Your phone contacts are stored as vcf files, typically in the following file path: predefhiddenfolder backup WIP 32 contacts.

  • Merge all contacts into one file (optional). If you want to combine all your contacts into one vcf file, you can use a command prompt on Windows or Terminal on Mac. This can speed up the transfer process, but some devices and programs might not be able to handle more than one contact per vcf file. Keep your old files as backup in case this doesn't work.

  • Transfer your contacts to another phone. You can now copy-paste the whole contacts folder or individual vcf files into another folder on your computer or directly to your new phone. Here are some ways to access the information stored inside:

  • Import them into your email or address book program. Most email and address book applications have an option to import contacts from a vcf file or folder.

  • Sync them with your online account. If you have an online account that supports contact syncing, such as Google, iCloud, or Outlook, you can upload your vcf file or folder and sync it with your new phone.

Use a third-party app or service. There are many apps and services that can help you convert and transfer contacts from one format to another, such as [Nokia PC Suite], [NBF File Converter], or [vCard Wizard](

We hope this article helped you convert your nbf files to vcard format using a free and simple method. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.


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