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Monkey King StaffBasic InformationClassFactionStaffDynastyRaritySetUniqueFestival KingFurther InformationUnlockedShadow AbilityLunar TournamentThreshSpecial MovesWooden HailstormSkyfallThe Monkey King Staff is a weapon in Shadow Fight 3 introduced during the Lunar Tournament. It is a Unique staff and belongs to the Dynasty faction. The Monkey King Staff is a part of the Festival King set, which comes with a fight bonus when the full set is equipped. The Monkey King Staff has 3 item slots which can be customized with applicable Perks and Special Moves. It carries the Thresh Shadow Ability.

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After MK discovered that Sleep Bug was making everyone fall asleep, he used the Golden Staff to create the Cloud Bike. He later used the staff in an attempt to escape from the Guardians of Knowledge.

Since then, Lady Bone Demon took possession of the Golden Staff and placed it on top of the Bone mech. When Macaque was brought to the Lady Bone Demon by the Mayor, he saw the staff and learned that the Bone Demon had taken over Megapolis.

MK used the staff to block a pair of serpents and push them away from three old ladies practicing Tai Chi. He then used the staff to get him closer to the Gold and Silver Demons until his tuk-tuk broke. He used it again to create the Combi Mech and caught Mei as she fell.

I am making an artifact for a custom Eastern Campaign, and was hoping on some feedback on balancing/believably/Destruction Suggestions of the artifact. I will be making a fluff description of it after i finalize the hard abilities.

You know, as soon as I started thinking about what a Monkey King artifact would do, I was thinking about it letting you Polymorph into King Kong. It would be some kind of Druid Artifact that allowed the Druid to turn into a Colossal Gorilla.

And get rid of the true resurrection. Could add an Iron blade effect as adding impact would put the enchantment over +10 And yes true resurrection is a bit much. AUC.register('auc_MessageboardPostRowDisplay'); AjaxBusy.register('masked', 'busy', 'auc_MessageboardPostRowDisplay', null, null) Tom Marlow Jul 9, 2019, 06:33 pm Scott Wilhelm wrote: You know, as soon as I started thinking about what a Monkey King artifact would do, I was thinking about it letting you Polymorph into King Kong. It would be some kind of Druid Artifact that allowed the Druid to turn into a Colossal Gorilla.

He slipped off his tunic and tied the sleeves around his waist. Embracing the stone, he raised it easily [fig. 1], then tossed it away with both hands. It dropped with a thud, sinking a foot into the earth. The watching prisoners were astonished.

The Monkey King is a yellow and tan monkey with gold and red armor, inspired by the Chinese legendary figure "Sun Wukong." In its tail is the staff that is used to create the Monkey King. It also has a golden crown along with two red feathers that stand up and curl backwards.

Ruyi Jingu is able to grow on command to what the owner says and is capable of killing thousands of angels and Nephilims instantly. A casual strike with Ruyi Jingu destroyed many angels at once, ripped Taek in half, and made a huge tsunami. The staff is also deceptively monstrously heavy, with few people besides the Monkey King being able to even lift the staff.

Weight Alteration: On command, the staff can become lighter or heavier and the norm for the Monkey King is heavy by many people standards, just placing it onto the floor was able to create cracks in the ground that reverberated up a gigantic hole up to its surface. Making it lighter vastly increases movement speed. (Max weight unknown)

Cloning: Ruyi Jingu can make multiple copies of itself along with The Monkey King's own copy. The clone's staff is vastly weaker, however, as it is easily cut through and broken by Blade of Tathagata, while the original was durable enough to withstand its cutting power. When the copy of Ruyi Jingu held by Hui Mo-Ri is broken to pieces, it can regenerate.

Enhanced Durability: The staff is incredibly durable, with few if any attacks able to break the staff. So far only First Crown Prince using Lightning Blade, The King using his Blade of Tathagata, Satan, and a few items from Supreme God can do so.

All three heroes include new double-sided heads, with Monkey King's crying expression being a particular highlight, unlike anything on his prior minifigures. Sun Wukong's famed staff has also been improved, now incorporating golden elements with accurate swirls at either end. These are packaged with several other accessories, found across the new Monkie Kid range.

In fact, only the head has become less articulated. While it can rotate, the head is attached with a Technic pin, so cannot look up or down. This is surprisingly detrimental because an enormous mech like this should be capable of looking at minifigures on the ground. Even so, the shape of the head is impressive, combining features of 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech and 80033 Evil Macaque's Mech.

While the shoulder armour is bulky, the arms remain free to move and the ball-jointed wrists are particularly useful for posing. The elbow joints are more limited, but are again sufficient to create dynamic combat stances. Moreover, I like the large fingers, which can firmly grip Monkey King's staff, with assistance from Technic axles on the palms.

The staff can change in size, adapting to its holder's requirements. This rendition is even bigger than the example from 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech and includes more ornate handles at either end, constructed using pearl gold wheels. Connection points are available for the Technic axles in the hands, but the mech holds its staff comfortably without them, in a neutral stance.

I have the original proudly on display in my study, and I still think that's the superior one - but this is still pretty great. The bad guys are amazing, and some of the new accessories are very appealing. Can't say I think the candle-pieces are an improvement for the staff. I still do need Monkie Kid's pauldrons for some slight infringing on Capcom's copyrights, Psycho Crusher has a posse.

@cuhan said:" @shodan said:" The OG still wins. Will get the Combi Mech for the new sword element & with actual functioning knees."The old one doesn't have any functional knees"Kind of a moot point, since this one doesn't have functional knees either.I do really like the booster-function on this one. I'm of two minds about the arms - they cut a better profile than the arms (and especially the shoulders/pauldrons!) of the original mech, but looking at them up close, they look pretty weird.I might just try to put these pauldrons on the original mech, see what happens.ETA: the Elephant's weapons appear to be 'garlic bulb maces', according to a cursory Google-search, which also strongly implies that we now have massive bulbs of garlic in the LEGO-inventory. Greengrocers and vampire-hunters, rejoice.

I've only been passively observing Monkie Kid since its reveal, so I don't have too many specific thoughts on the series, but I'm very split on this mech in comparison to its predecessor. I like the design of the shoulder/jet cannons, combining decorative barrels with cleanly concealed functional shooters, and the plumes look very nice, but the proportions seem really unappealing even while it's roughly the same height as the first mech. It looks really short, and I think the main offender is the hip armor's width making the legs look farther apart and their height making the abdomen look almost nonexistent. They look like they should be easy enough to remove, and I wonder if that would improve the mech's silhouette, but I don't know if I'd spend over $150 for a set that I want to remove sections from.

The Staff of the Monkey King is a holy monster drop given by the floor 53 floor boss, Sun Wukong the monkey king. Sho is able to defeat the boss and acquire the staff through his second try. At a later date, he fully upgrades it to +50.

The staff has three special abilities. The first is that it levels up along with the user. This means that if the user is level 50, the staff will take on the top suitable staff stats at level 50. If the user is level 90, the staff will have suitable level 90 stats. The second ability renders the staff unbreakable, and it cannot lose nor gain durability. This is similar to the actual weapon of Sun Wukong, which was indestructable. The third and final ability is called Vorpal Staff. For every 20 seconds, any lunge with a Two-Handed Bo Staff sword skill will double the length of the staff.

The Staff of the Monkey King is mainly red and yellow. The middle of the staff is red. On both ends, a section at both ends of the staff is yellow. However, he tips on both sides is red. Black lines form a blocky type of design on the staff. All in all, it is a typical staff with a different color scheme.

The reason the thread is all dirty is because of the way I get the male-female ends to match up. When it gets close to the right diameter I slow up and take fine passes, checking with the mating part each time. When it screws on 1 thread or so but is still too tight to go any further then I wipe grinding paste on the parts and work it on by hand. Having the other side mounted in the tail stock collet makes it easier to grab and to work it back and forward. This process is a little slow and tedious but it makes for a tight but smooth feeling thread. When both parts are titanium I have to get the tolerance between the parts closer before I can do this process.