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Free Banking Software

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Go with trusted brands, and you can expect the same types of firewalls and encryption that you'd expect from a banking website. It's often the human who does something risky rather than a flaw in the software.

We believe in removing ALL the barriers to time banking that we can. Access to the hOurworld platform is and will remain FREE. It's easy for new members to join and learn, and easy for coordinators to manage and report on their members and activity.

We believe that time banking is one spoke in the wheel of the Solidarity Economy. We foster local community organizations drawing together to create powerful Movements moving Together: Local economies integrating CSA, Food Co-op, Buy Local, Transition Town, BALLE, CAP and others. The opportunities to provide and support our interdependence are profound!

Whether you are setting up a brand new Timebank, or converting from your existing software, Time and Talents offers simple, intuitive and user friendly tools to help you manage and grow your organization!

Upgrades and New Features are available to all exchanges immediately when pushed from the developement platform to the live system via a private GitHub repository for version control, etc. The source code is proprietary and written in PHP, MySQLi, HTML5, JS, Ajax, CSS, Bootstrap 4.6 We operate in an arena of 'open innovation': co-producing and implementing our members and coordinators best ideas! Think 'open source', but in a corral! Easy integration of Time and Talents into your existing web site, so navigating between the two is transparent. (Though no website is required for startups.) What is your funding source You do a great job of maintaining the site, is there a team or just you hOurworld derives funding from trainings, personal investment, brokered agency software, RPF research data access, grant funding and member gifts. Access to hOurworld for local 'mom and pop' timebanks is and will remain free.

Linda Hogan, Terry Daniels and I (Stephen Beckett) co-founded hOurworld in 2010. We have member helpers and consultants that are participating in software development projects, training and research. John Saare, a 'Silcon Valley Refuge' and Enterprise Software Developer has become a co-founding member of hOurworld and together we are creating a new software platform TNT 2.0 which will be ready for early release mid 2023! We expect the two versions will live sisde by side for some time. There will be no push of users from one platformt to another.

You must keep a close eye on your income, expenses, budget, and investments. Your credit score is also an essential part of the equation, especially if you plan to take on debt. The best personal finance software helps you track your money to make better, more informed decisions about spending and credit. Many are free, and the rest are reasonably affordable. We tell you about the best ones here. Click through for an in-depth review of each, and see advice on how to choose the right personal finance software toward the end of this article.

Mint has been the gold standard for personal finance websites for years, thanks to its simplicity, usability, and smart financial tools. It lets you connect to all your online finance accounts, check your credit score, create budgets, and get a good estimate of your net worth, among many other financial management tasks. Furthermore, Mint is free, so you can try it without obligation.

Credit Sesame is another site that promotes smart credit management. Its free version helps you learn how you can bump up your credit score and it offers useful credit- and debt-tracking tools. You need a premium subscription, however, if you want a laser-focused view of your credit and additional services. A companion bank account, Sesame Cash, may help you get paid two days early, among its other financial features.

The real differentiator for Credit Sesame is the companion Sesame Cash account. It may be a smart choice for people in underserved com


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