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Dr Mix Sandy Burmese 2

Dr Mix Sandy Burmese 2

Dr Mix Sandy Burmese 2 is a song by TucoAdioba, a SoundCloud artist who creates electronic music with influences from Burmese culture. The song is a sequel to Dr Mix Sandy Burmese, which was released in 2022 by the same artist. The song features samples of traditional Burmese instruments, such as the saung (harp), the hne (oboe), and the pat waing (drum circle), mixed with modern beats and synths. The song also incorporates vocals from Katrina, another SoundCloud artist who sings in Burmese and English.


The song is available for free on SoundCloud, where it has received over 10,000 plays and 500 likes. The song is also part of a playlist called Dr Mix Sandy Burmese 2 by Bryan, which contains other songs by TucoAdioba and Katrina. The playlist has over 5,000 followers and 300 comments.

The song is a tribute to the Burmese people and their culture, which have been oppressed by the military junta that seized power in February 2021. The song expresses hope and solidarity for the Burmese people, who have been protesting and resisting the coup. The song also celebrates the diversity and richness of Burmese music, which has been influenced by various ethnic groups and neighboring countries.

The song is one of the examples of how SoundCloud artists can use their platform to create original and innovative music that reflects their identity and values. The song also shows how music can be a powerful tool for social change and awareness.


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