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86 Dos Download Kit UPDATED

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86 Dos Download Kit UPDATED

For Windows users, after the Eclipse Installer executable has finished downloading it should beavailable in your download directory. Start the Eclipse Installer executable.You may get a security warning to run this file. If the Eclipse Foundation isthe Publisher, you are good to select Run.

Note: I provide download links for all discussed software in the relevant section where it's discussed. Links point to the original download location for each file wherever possible, but for the files that no longer have an official source (or a reliable one, in the case of the files hosted on Microsoft's amazingly unreliable FTP server), I've linked to a local copy you can download instead.

The most annoying part of this process is just getting the Step-Up files to your DOS system. It's larger than a single floppy, and meant to be downloaded and run directly on the target computer, which is difficult for a freshly installed version of MS-DOS. To workaround, I suggest the following:

I primarily run Linux systems, so SSH is very important to me. As a bonus, SCP and SFTP provide great options for transferring files across the network, and is especially useful when NDIS/MS-Client is not setup or mapped drives do not work properly with modern Samba or Windows servers. Fortunately, there's an excellent SSHv2 implementation for DOS called, simply enough, SSH2DOS. It can be downloaded from the link above.

wget is another useful utility. This is a command line download manager that can download files from pretty much any web or FTP server and, happily, there's a DOS version available from the link above (though the DOS version is no longer maintained at this point).

The most widely compatible and widely used MS-DOS CD-ROM drivers are probably from Oak Technologies and Gold Star, both available from the Computer Hope hardware downloads page. Unfortunately, both are memory hogs; the Gold Star driver consumes 25 KB, while the Oak driver consumes a whopping 35 KB. As an alternative I recommend the Toshiba driver linked above. This driver should offer roughly the same compatibility and capabilities, but only uses a svelte 7 KB of memory.

As with CD-ROM support, MS-DOS doesn't include a mouse driver by default. And again like CD-ROM support, we have a couple options to choose from. The first option is to use the original mouse driver provided by Microsoft with Windows 3.x. This is called MOUSE.COM, and can again be downloaded from the Computer Hope hardware downloads page. The second option is a much newer, open source mouse driver called CuteMouse. It's still actively developed for the FreeDOS project and available from the site linked above.

4DOS is a replacement shell / command interpreter for DOS. It provides a great many significant enhancements over the default DOS shell,, and is amazingly customizable. To read up on it and download a copy, visit it's home page.

4DOS was originally a commercial program, but has since been discontinued and released as open source. The open source version (called "Free 4DOS") seems to still be actively maintained (though it hasn't been updated in a while) and is currently at version 8.00; this is the version you'll want to download from the above site.

To get this card working in DOS, you usually need Windows to install it. The DOS installation does not copy any files (config or otherwise) to your hard disk, therefore it's unlikely you will get the desired configuration just by using the defaults. The Windows installation does allow you to configure the card during installation, but it also copies CONFIG.EXE to your UTILITY folder so you can tweak it later. To make things easier for DOS installation, please download P16II_UTILITY.RAR from the link below, which is a copy of the utility folder after Windows installation. Using this, you don't need to use the Windows installer if you're just trying to get the card working in DOS.

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