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Videos Of Women Moaning During Sex


Videos Of Women Moaning During Sex

The star allegedly drove the girl back to a mansion in Hollywood, where she and Spears had their next encounter. At the mansion, "Plaintiff Jane Doe was placed on a bed. Defendant Spears got on the bed and asked Plaintiff Jane Doe to give him what they call an 'erection' by grabbing his penis through his pants. Plaintiff Jane Doe when he repeatedly asked her to do this, after he had asked three or four times, she finally said yes. Spears then told her to bend over, his penis was inserted in her and the two then had sex. Most of the woman depicted in the video is naked or only wearing a bra, topless or wearing only lingerie. Videos show Spears thrusting his penis inside her in a circular motion. After Spears has climaxed on Plaintiff Jane Doe, he massages himself on her body including her breasts and buttocks and then they jump off the mattress and dance in the room. Moments later, Spears gave Plaintiff Jane Doe $6,500 and instructed her to return to Minneapolis.

"I've definitely been sent explicit photos of basically me having sex with women and people sending me videos. It's horrific. I've had people compare me to Hitler, to pedophiles, to cannibals, to Miley Cyrus. It's really bizarre. But, like I said, never once was I with a woman. I've never watched pornography before. I've never had sex with a woman before. I've never had an orgasm before; I've never had a sexual fantasy before. And to be in these videos and, yeah, it's a little humbling. It hurts."

But Spears had a ready, and willing, accomplice in California -- one Liza Morales. The "pop star" has had her own share of troubles to converse with recently. After an arrest in Mexico in March on drug trafficking charges, she was briefly incarcerated, but then was released on bail.

"Haddish and Spears then asked Plaintiff Jane Doe if she would like to have sex with Plaintiff Haddish. Plaintiff Jane Doe was extremely shocked and scared, but, after thinking it over, she told Haddish she wanted to have sex with him. Plaintiff Haddish then invited Plaintiff Jane Doe to come lie down on the bed next to him, with his body over hers. While there, the three engaged in various sexual acts, including vaginal intercourse and fellatio." d2c66b5586


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