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How to Download and Use Atlantica Auto Battle Bot

How to Download and Use Atlantica Auto Battle Bot

If you are looking for a way to level up your characters and farm gold and items in Atlantica Online, you might be interested in using an auto battle bot. An auto battle bot is a software that automates the combat and looting process in the game, allowing you to run the game in the background while you do other things. In this article, we will show you how to download and use one of the most popular and reliable auto battle bots for Atlantica Online.

What is Atlantica Auto Battle Bot?

Atlantica Auto Battle Bot is a bot software developed by, a website that provides gold, items and bots for various MMORPGs. Atlantica Auto Battle Bot supports all servers of Atlantica Online, including Global-Steam/Europe NA/INT, EU, Rebirth, Ini3, China, Taiwan, Japan and more. It has many features that make it easy and convenient to use, such as:

Atlantica Auto Battle Bot Download

  • Auto-target, auto-fight, auto-loot, auto-skill, auto-heal/revive, speed hack, teleport hack, party mode and more.

  • Multi-client support. You can run multiple instances of the game and the bot on the same computer.

  • 3-day free trial available. You can test the bot for free before deciding to purchase it.

  • Regular updates and maintenance. The bot is always compatible with the latest version of the game and has a status indicator that shows if it is active or not.

How to Download Atlantica Auto Battle Bot?

To download Atlantica Auto Battle Bot, you need to visit and register an account. After that, you can access the download page and choose the version of the bot that matches your server. You will also need to download Xenos.exe, a tool that helps you inject the bot into the game. You can find both files and instructions in the download page.

How to Use Atlantica Auto Battle Bot?

To use Atlantica Auto Battle Bot, you need to follow these steps:

  • Extract and run Xenos.exe as Administrator.

  • Select Type: Manual launch then navigate to and select Atlantica.exe.

  • Below, click Add in the Images box and navigate to a randomly named file (example: sAgdMs20fxsL7nu1kmG4.dll). Your file will have a different random name. You can find the file in C:/Windows/SysWOW64 (sort by date modified, you'll see it).

  • Click Advanced and set Inject delay to 3000ms and press OK.

  • Click Inject then run Atlantica.exe normally.

Once you are in the game, you can press F1 to open the bot menu. There you can configure various settings such as combat mode, skill usage, item usage, speed hack, teleport hack and more. You can also save and load profiles for different characters or situations. To start or stop the bot, press F2. To toggle the camera adjustment in battle, press F3.

Tips and Tricks for Using Atlantica Auto Battle Bot

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you use Atlantica Auto Battle Bot more effectively:

  • Use the party mode feature to sync your bots in a group. This way they can fight together and share loot and experience.

  • Use the speed hack feature to increase your movement speed and reduce travel time. You can also use the teleport hack feature to jump to any location on the map.

  • Use the auto-heal/revive feature to keep your characters alive and healthy. You can set the threshold for using potions or skills.

  • Use the auto-skill feature to automatically use your skills in combat. You can set the priority and condition for each skill.

  • Use the auto-loot feature to automatically pick up gold and items from dead enemies. You can set the filter for what items you want to loot or ignore.


Atlantica Auto Battle Bot is a powerful and convenient tool that can help you level up your characters and farm gold and items 29c81ba772


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