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Where Can I Buy A Piano Near Me


Where Can I Buy A Piano Near Me

Contact us today by calling during normal business hours. You can also come into one of our two storefronts to schedule a time for us to check out your piano and quote the work. You can also fill out the form below, and one of our staff members will get back to you in a timely manner. We look forward to working with you.

At American Music World, we pride ourselves on providing quality services you can trust at great prices. From tuning and moving pianos to music lessons and storing pianos, we have a wide variety of services we offer our customers so you can find all your piano needs in one location. Our passion is to fill the world with more musicians who love and spread good music wherever they go.

When you are assisting an aspiring pianist to discover their musical talents for the first time, a used piano can be a cost-effective way to start. It will help them develop skills, learn to appreciate music, and develop creative and critical thinking that goes beyond music - all with only a modest investment.

A critical point in the offering of used pianos for sale is our selection process. We personally examine and evaluate every aspect of each used piano: mechanical and musical condition, repairs needed, cosmetics and original manufacturers' quality, or lack thereof. We weigh all these aspects to ascertain our final, fair-market selling price. More than half the pianos coming to us as trade-ins are not offered for resale, as many are simply beyond repair and should be retired. A very high percentage of the used pianos offered for sale to us are rejected, and those pianos remain on the market. Once we have selected a used piano to be prepared for resale, the preparation process is very thorough: Cleaning inside and out, necessary parts and repairs, action lubrication and regulation, tuning up to A440, and cabinet face-lift.

With Piano Showrooms in Bloomfield Hills, Canton, and our affiliate location in Traverse City, Evola Music is the Metro-Detroit's leading authority and reseller of the top digital and acoustic piano manufacturers, including Kawai, Estonia, and Pearl River.

The Piano Place was established in 1994 when Richard Bittner, a registered piano technician with the Piano Technicians Guild, saw a need for high quality pianos in the Detroit and greater area. We know pianos inside and out, and would be honored to guide you and educate you during the search of your dream piano.

What make things even worse is that there are many unreliable online resources (not pointing fingers here) that write about this topic without having any experience with digital or acoustic pianos whatsoever.

In a professional recording studio with a perfectly tuned acoustic piano (a grand piano in many cases), manufacturers record each note played at different volumes using multiple high-fidelity microphones.

Many lower-end digital pianos will only play back the first 3-5 seconds of the real recording, then loop the sample so that the same part is played over and over, but with gradually decreasing volume.

In that case, to recreate the dynamics, the tone generator of the digital piano will just increase/decrease the volume of the same sample rather than using separate layers for different velocities, which is never ideal.

Console digital pianos differ from their portable counterparts in that they come with a furniture-style cabinet and 3 pedals that resemble the feel and look of an acoustic piano.

All these extra features make these digital pianos an attractive option for non-professional music production, composing, and exploring a wide range of musical instruments and music styles.

Most MIDI-controllers have non-weighted keys and are not designed to mimic the feel of an acoustic piano. The non-weighted action facilitates non-piano sounds, like synths, organs, electric pianos, etc.

Some MIDI controllers target piano players such as the M-Audio Hammer 88 or the more premium Kawai VPC1, which features the incre