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Where To Buy Blavod Vodka


If you are trying to bring a non-black drink into the darkness, do some experiments first to see if it will give you the look you're going for. Depending on the mixers in the drink and their proportions, this black vodka should, in the least, turn it a darker hue. It is not guaranteed to turn the entire drink black.

There are a few other options that you might want to consider, though not all are as quick or cheap as the food coloring formula. None of these produce the perfect black vodka that is Blavod. It uses a black catechu bark infusion; the dried herb is difficult to come by and hardly worth the expense and effort. You do have some alternative options:

Activated charcoal supplements have been suggested as a way to make black vodka. It's not as good as the rice or food coloring options because the charcoal settles significantly and the vodka will become grey. Contrary to rumors, activated charcoal doesn't lower blood alcohol levels, so don't think it will reduce your hangover chances, either.

Also, be aware that activated charcoal can negatively interact with some medications. Unlike other toxins, the charcoal doesn't bind to alcohol and the two together may cause gastrointestinal problems as well as serious health risks like a pulmonary aspiration. This black vodka hack is not worth the risks and, as a responsible drinker, it's best to go with safer options.

The cocktail recipes that call for black vodka are often as much a novelty as the liquor itself. Try the black and gold, a martini-style drink with Goldschlager, or the black widow, a simple twist on the vodka-cranberry. For a party shot, you might want to try the black rose. If you don't like the sweet, pink liqueur known as Tequila Rose, try Irish cream instead.

The South East Asian herb Black Catechu, which is extracted from the bark of the Acacia tree, is subtly infused into premium triple distilled grain vodka, produces an elegant, smooth tasting premium vodka with an eye catching black look like no other. The final result is a clean tasting premium vodka which is both alluringly dark and exquisitely smooth.

Blavod Original Black Vodka is made using premium, triple distilled grain vodka fused with the natural botanical black catechu, extracted from the bark of the Acacia tree in South East Asia. The final result is a clean tasting vodka which is uniquely dark and exquisitely smooth. Enjoy its smooth taste served neat, over ice, or with yoru favorite mixer.

BlavodReviews to date: 8Average score: 4Country: Distilled from: Company: Add your own review of BlavodBlack Vodka! A small English variety of vodka, I highly recommend it to everyone. The black color comes from the herb black catechu which adds little to the taste and removes the burn in the aftertaste. The result is a very smooth and refined beverage, if a bit odd in color. Mixing drinks with Blavod is a challenge as the color of the liquor does not lend itself to many fruit-based mixed drinks (e.g. screwdrivers). Vodka-crans are a notable exception and Blavod with cranberry juice makes a stunning looking and tasting drink. The official website is at .Reviewer: Chad Johnson

OK, I'll admit. I bought this one simply because it's black, and that looked cool to me. I expected a really nasty vodka, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it's actually a decent Vodka.Reviewer: mikehell

I'm working in Nyagan, Siberia.... so as a result have been drinking much vodka. while out and about town, I had noticed a black vodka and it's name. A check on the internet showed it to be English. Surpring on its own, let alone finding it on sale out here. About three times the price of good local vodkas so hadn't tried it. While marooned at Khanty airport for 4 hours with a Russian workmate, he ordered some of the blabk stuff. He was insiting how wonderful it was and when I told him it was Englsh he refused to believe it. He even bet me 500 roubles, which I won once he'd taken a look at the back of the bottle. Made in London.I got stuck into it aswell and can say it is excellent. Very very smooth without being bland or tasteless. Yes, the colour is cool too.Coopsps NOONE here puts their Vodka in the freezer. Lives in the fridge - chilled is good, frozen is not.Reviewer: coops

Blavod vodka, I like most fell into the black vodka trap. The taste is not so smooth I does have a bit of a bite to it. It makes a very interesting mixer the fact that you can stack it in your glass. The mane reason that I blavod a 3 I because of the hang over. I really think that the better the vodka the lesser the hangover and blavod gave me one of the worst I have in a long time. In the end fun conversation drive at the bar but no longer keep it at home.Reviewer: Kevin Winslow

I was bought Blavod as a present (must be all the metal I listen to) and enjoyed it most as a mixer. Makes a shockingly fun "toxic waste green" when added to orange juice!On it's own it's still nice enough- a spicy/herby flavour that's quite sweet. I never drank too much on it's own as I was worried about it making my teeth go black...But I needn't have worried.But is it really a 'vodka' or a liquerReviewer: Jon Lopez

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We take Black Catechu, extracted from the Acacia tree found in south east Asia and subtly infuse it into triple distilled grain vodka to produce an elegantly black, smooth and clean tasting premium vodka.

American whiskey is the category, and bourbon is the type. Bourbon is made primarily from corn, whereas American whiskey can be made from a variety of grains, but both are made exclusively in the United States.

Bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. According to, Bourbon is exclusively made in the United States, stored in new charred oak barrels at 125 proof or less, contains no additives and is distilled from at least 51% corn-mash. The definition of whiskey is less restrictive, it can be distilled from a variety of grains without restrictions on storage and comes from anywhere in the world whiskey is made.

As is true with the aging process in general, white or clear rums are lighter in flavor and have therefore often been used in mixed drinks where the complexity and deep flavors of the rum are not necessarily the focus.

The biggest and perhaps most important distinction between an English Pale Ale and an American IPA is that the latter tends to be significantly hoppier. And within said hoppiness, they are bitter hops rather than aromatic ones. They can often be very full-bodied and flavor-packed, whereas an English Pale Ale tends to be more balanced and medium-bodied.

When tried and true vodka feels boring, just add flavor! Flavored vodka is the perfect spirit to mix with almost everything. Dream up a cocktail, find a vodka to match, and have your mind blown. A creamsicle-inspired cocktail with whipped cream vodka *Explosion sounds*

Flavored vodka goes through the same process as regular vodka (fermenting and distilling corn, grain potatoes, etc.) Some producers like to infuse the vodka with real fruit, while others add in artificial flavors during the production process.

Honey Jack, Fireball - you know the kind. While different from that of flavored vodka or rum, the flavoring of whiskey relies on its own flavor profile to emphasize certain notes. Since whiskey is a little sweet and smokey, the added flavor must be caramel, vanilla, earthy, sweet, or spicy.

Pinot Grigio is the perfect warm weather beverage. It's a zesty, refreshing white wine with hints of lemon and green apple. Like most white wine, Pinot Grigio is a light-bodied and a little dry, which makes it great for toasting to special occasions, drinking on the patio, and pool parties where no one actually swims. Browse for a bottle to cook with -- you can even try adding it to the food!

Could you imagine a world where Taco Tuesday was even better than it is now What if I told you that you could add wine Riesling is a sweet white wine that pairs perfectly with spicy foods. It's made from peaches and pears, and it smells like something angels would wear as perfume. If you're that person who puts Sriracha on literally everything, try adding a little sweet to your spicy with a good bottle of Riesling.

This scotch is made from malted barley grains from a single distillery. It can be a blend of single malts from the same distillery, or it can be from a single cask where all the whisky is from the same making.

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Our specialty section is special indeed. It includes everything from whiskey, vodka, tequila, liquor and schnapps, mezcal, sake, wine, flavored alcohol, sparkling wines, hard seltzer, cocktails, and *running out of breath* ready-to-drink mixers.

Blavod Black Vodka is a unique, smooth black vodka distilled exclusively in the UK. Blavod Black Vodka gets its very distinct blackish-violet hue from Black Catechu which is extracted from the heartwood of Burmese catechu acacia trees. The marketing for the vodka states that the Black Catechu imparts no additional flavour or odour to the vodka.

Blavod Black Vodka has nice fresh undertones of dark berries and a sweet flowery, citrus aroma. The drink can be consumed neat (needs to be chilled), on the rocks or more commonly as a cocktail ingredient. Blavod have marketed the fact that the black colouring has no effect on the taste of the vodka, however, most drinkers will testify that there is indeed a fairly strong herbal, even medicinal, aftertaste, which is not found in standard vodkas. 59ce067264


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