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Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell

Buy Latisse Brilliant Distinctions [HOT]

Save money while looking fabulous with our Brilliant Distinctions loyalty program! Not only do you get excluding invitations to events, but you also get special offers as well. Earn points by receiving treatments like Botox, specific dermal fillers*, and other products such as Latisse.You can also get points by shopping at the brilliant Distinctions Mall where you can purchase your favorite fashions, home decor, and electronics from stores where you already shop.

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Our staff at Amerejuve medspa can assist you in setting up your account. You will need to provide your full name, address, email & phone number upon registration. Conveniently most Amerejuve locations already have this information on file & can easily register you over the phone. After the registration process is completed you will then have access to your brilliant distinctions account. Usually your account is registered under your email address. When your account is set up make sure to jot down your brilliant distinctions/Alle account number. If you do not have this account number the staff at Amerejuve can provide this for you.

Once you are registered you can then make Allergan purchases through your Brilliant distinctions/Alle account at any Amerejuve Medspa location. Each Allergan purchase will be applied to your brilliant distinctions/Alle account after you have purchased. You will have the option to redeem your points from previous purchases and apply them towards future purchases. Your points can be redeemed by generating a coupon in your brilliant distinctions/Alle account. Once the coupon is generated show your coupon at checkout to an Amerejuve Medspa staff member and they will deduct the coupon from your account and apply the new discounted rate towards your purchase. You can download the brilliant distinctions/Alle account to your cell phone for quick and easy processing. 041b061a72


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