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[EXCLUSIVE] Download Italian Movie Down Goes The King

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[EXCLUSIVE] Download Italian Movie Down Goes The King

BERNHARD: It's gone down a little bit, but this is still a very strong show. This is a top 20 show, and, of course, it gets great demographics. It's gets a younger viewership, and it has everybody talking. It's great that it's interactive and you can vote. I'm all about Clay [Aiken].

Ok, so with that said, the publishing industry is whacked as a result of COVID, so when you ask me when my next book is coming out, I don't actually have an answer for you. But I have learned that I can write well and fast when I sit down and commit to a certain word count a day. My third book is done and in review, and I have book four drafted and book five halfway drafted with a goal of that first draft done by the EOY. This is a very different way of writing than when I began with Feast of Sorrow, which had me haphazardly writing on weekends over the course of five years or so. And in the midst of all that, I'm also working on edits. I feel like this is an important milestone to acknowledge, that I no longer have to wait to feel inspired or to feel like I am good enough to write. I know that inspiration is not the real fuel for finishing a book, and I have the reviews and readers to prove the latter. It's about hard work and consistency and sitting down at the page and putting something on it. The fact that these Big Changes haven't totally derailed me in the last few months and stopped my writing is a huge win for me. This photo of a stone dragon fighting off lions and wolves is just a hint of what is to come in the future!

The question now is where does ellipsis fit into this story I follow here one major type of approach to ellipsis, according to which, generally speaking, syntactic structures are subject to non-pronunciation (this type of analysis can be compared to approaches in which syntactic structures contain null elements, which are then replaced by an operation of structure copying before the structure is interpreted; see Merchant (2016) for an overview of different approaches). As discussed in Merchant (2016), for example, the difference between an elliptical and nonelliptical XP is often analyzed in terms of the presence or absence of a feature (E-feature) in the structure which signals to the phonology that the phonological value of the XP is null or that or that VI of a relevant element does not take place (e.g., Temmerman 2012; Merchant 2015 etc.). Merchant (2015) convincingly argues that ellipsis applies before VI; that is, ellipsis is not the actual deletion of phonological material. Rather, VI does not apply at all in the case of elided element. If this is correct, and if LD, on the other hand, applies after VI (as argued here) then it directly follows that the future auxiliary će can be elided only before it undergoes LD. The result of this particular ordering of operations can only be the full non-truncated infinitive (unaffected by LD). 153554b96e


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