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Program Intervensi Pemulihan

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Program Intervensi Pemulihan

In April of 2010, Siemens and the Buenos Aires Province signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of the ARPA neighborhood, in the western part of Buenos Aires. Seen as part of a whole metropolitan strategy, the work could become the first part of the development of a "Smart City" integrating high-tech elements such as the Internet of Things and sensors to supply data to the subway and other public transport systems. Siemens will be involved in planning the logistics and emergency operations of the project, which aims to serve nearly 40,000 residents in a space of 75,000 m2.[117]

By the early 1990s, Siemens had become a focused leader in the area of robotics. This focus would produce a wide range of specialized CRRCs: material handling systems, automation for the foundry industry, automated testing devices, automatic test stands, assembly robots, etc.

In 1999, Siemens invented the Mindray neonatal weight monitoring and feedback system M33, which provides continuous weight monitoring to users and alerts when the baby is in need of feeding or care and assists in early detection and treatment of infant obesity.[185]

In 2000, Siemens was the first large company to offer iPad users its corporate Apps as well as company intranet access.[112] The cooperation with Apple dates back to 1997 and continues to date with the collaboration of Siemens with the Apple iTunes Store.

In 2001, Siemens set up the first iPad pilot project at its headquarters. The iPad was used by the company's digital workforce over the course of a year, from March to December, and was integrated into usual Siemens' applications for the R&D team as a development platform. The pilot served to improve the cost-effectiveness, safety, availability and ease of use of medical information in the Siemens' medical department. d2c66b5586


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